Traveling to Mexico During COVID

panama airport covid rules

Mexico’s standard entry requirements apply in addition to the requirements listed below.


Travelers are not required to show a negative COVID test when entering Mexico. You also are NOT required to show proof of vaccination.

You should also check with your airline to see if they have any additional COVID restrictions.


Mask mandates vary by state. Various states in Mexico have dropped their mask mandates and are no longer required except for when using public transportation, hospitals and some government offices.

Each individual state can mandate their own requirements. To stay on top of the mandates for the state you’ll be visiting the local news for the city you intend on visiting.

Some retailers may still give you sanitizing gel as part of their health protocol. Please do your part, and comply with the establishment’s rules before entering.

Tests are NOT Required for Travel to the USA

Tests are no longer required to enter the United States if you are fully vaccinated. Children under 18 are exempt from the mandatory vaccine requirement to enter the U.S.

US Citizens and Residents are also exempt from the mandatory vaccine requirement to enter the U.S. and are no longer required to have a negative test to enter the U.S.

This applies to land and air travel.

For more information visit the CDC’s website

COVID Requirements to Travel to Canada

Any Canadian citizen or resident needs to fill out this form to enter Canada.

Canadian citizens or residents who are fully vaccinated no longer need to test on day 8 after arrival in Canada. Those who are not vaccinated or partially vaccinated need to take a Molecular test on day 8 after arrival. This is only for citizens and residents.

Foreigners who wish to enter in Canada must be fully vaccinated.

COVID-19 Testing Locations Throughout Mexico

This is a list of labs, pharmacies, and other retailers where you can get a COVID-19 Test in Mexico. It was released by the U.S. Embassy in Mexico.

Many international airports across Mexico also offer rapid testing onsite. To find out if an airport in Mexico offers Antigen rapid testing please visit this site.

Please contact the lab of your choice for additional details including price, types of tests available, expected timeframes for results, directions, and appointments.

During your private tour, you can request to make a stop to get tested before your travel date. Please communicate this to your tour guide at the beginning of your tour.

What Happens if I Test positive during a tour?

The rest of your tour will have to be suspended. You are not eligible for refund. To protect potentially non-refundable travel expenses we recommend purchasing travel insurance.

Travel Insurance

Our standard refund policy is in effect. To protect potentially non-refundable travel expenses we recommend purchasing travel insurance. If you don’t already have travel insurance, we can make a few recommendations.

BioSecurity Rules During Your Mexico Relocation Tour

We are strictly following all biosecurity measures required by the local authorities in Mexico and each state. If there are any changes to the mask mandates in these states, we will let you know ahead of time.

You are not required to wear a mask during your private relocation tour and in your tour guide’s car.