Mexico Entry Requirements

Airline Requirements

The requirements listed on this page are Mexico’s requirements for visitors to enter the country. It’s possible your airline may have slightly different requirements for allowing you to board a flight to Mexico. It’s important that you check with your airline to understand their requirements for allowing you to fly to Mexico.

You must meet both Mexico’s requirements and your airline’s requirements in order to come to Mexico.

COVID-19 Test

Mexico does NOT require a negative COVID-19 Test to enter the country.

You should also check with your airline to see if they have any additional COVID restrictions.

See our Traveling to Mexico During COVID FAQ.

Health Affidavit

Prior to boarding your flight to Mexico, you are required to fill out a Health Affidavit form for Mexico. For details see How to Fill Out the Mexico Health Affidavit Form.


In order to enter Mexico, you need a passport and your passport must be valid on the date of your travel.

Tourist Visa

Passport holders from the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Japan, the UK, most countries in the EU, are not required to obtain a visa before traveling to Mexico. To get the full list of countries that do or do not require a visa to enter Mexico, go here.

Otherwise, you are required to apply and obtain a visa before traveling to Mexico. This can be done at your local Mexican Consulate. If you need help applying for a visa before moving to Mexico, please purchase our Mexico Relocation Guide for access to our immigration contacts.

Proof of Return Trip

You are required to have proof that you will leave Mexico within 180 days of arriving. Round-trip airfare works best for this. Many airlines will NOT allow you to board a flight to Mexico without proof of round-trip airfare.