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Is This The Best Mexican Consulate to Apply for Residency?

Learn about the residency process in McAllen Texas and why we think it’s one of the best Mexican Consulates to apply in.

McAllen Texas recently lowered its income requirements for Temporary Residency in 2022 to $1,728 USD/Month. That’s about $1000 USD less than most other Mexican Consulates around the U.S. or Canada.

As of April 2022, we consider this consulate to be one of the best consulates you can apply at.

Please keep in mind I do not work for the consulate and cannot help you make your appointments. This information was last verified by me on March 23rd 2022. And if you need help with your Mexican immigration procedure, all of the recommendations for immigration facilitators are included in our COMPLETE Mexico Relocation Guide. You get instant access to our directory when you purchase the guide

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Mariana Lange

Mariana Lima-Lange was born in Mexico and immigrated to the U.S. when she was a child. She spent every summer visiting family throughout Mexico and is very knowledgeable about Mexican culture, lifestyle, and traditions. She is fluent in both Spanish and English.

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