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Group Tour Itinerary

The tour itinerary listed below represents our typical tour itinerary. The itinerary is subject to change.

Our 5 day tour will make stops in Guadalajara, Ajijic, Chapala, San Miguel de Allende and Queratro

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Arriving in Guadalajara

  • Airport shuttle service is provided from Guadalajara International Airport (GDL) to our group hotel in Guadalajara. ***Please note the airport shuttle service is only provided if you arrive on Nov. 12th 2021.

Check-In Day – Friday – Hotel Check-In Starts at 3 PM

  • Check-in is at 3 PM – if you arrive earlier go to the front desk at the hotel and ask them to hold your luggage. You may request early check-in when you arrive at the hotel but this cannot be guaranteed.
  • There are no group meals during check-in day because we have guests arriving at all times of the day and night. The hotel has a restaurant onsite and is centrally located in the beautiful city of Guadalajara. There are a variety of restaurants within a 5 minute walk from the hotel.

Day 1 – Saturday – Official Tour Begins @ 9 AM

  • Breakfast in Guadalajara
  • Group meets in a conference room to discuss tour agenda (have breakfast before you go to the meeting)
  • Meet with an attorney to discuss the various visa requirements that lead to residency, and their many benefits.
  • Learn about discounts for retirees in Mexico and the INAPAM card
  • Explore Shopping Centers in Guadalajara
  • Learn about long distance buses in Mexico and how to buy tickets
  • Learn about regular trips to Guadalajara through a tour company
  • Lunch in Guadalajara
  • Discuss hospitals in Guadalajara.
  • Arrive in Ajijic- Welcome Cocktail at the hotel
  • Meet with Insurance Broker- Learn about healthcare and insurance options
  • Dinner in Ajijic- We’ll meet with other expats who can discuss living in Ajijic.

Day 2 – Sunday – Tour begins at 9 AM

  • Breakfast in Ajijic
  • Visit The Lake Chapala Society
  • Explore the beautiful library in Ajijic- the largest English library in Mexico
  • Learn where expats hang out Lakeside
  • Visit various Lakeside rentals
  • Learn about the differences between the different areas of Lake Chapala
  • Discuss the pros and cons of living in these areas
  • Lunch in Chapala- meet with other expats 
  • Free Time to Explore Ajijic- Our hotel is a 7 minute walk from downtown Ajijic
  • Dinner in Ajijic – meet with expats who live Lakeside

Day 3 – Monday – Tour begins at 9 AM

  • Breakfast in Ajijic 
  • Visit a local pharmacy and learn about medications
  • Lunch in Leon
  • Explore Mexican grocery shopping in San Miguel de Allende (City Market)
  • Explore San Miguel’s famous architectural points of interest
  • Visit the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel- a 17th Century Church
  • Learn about the different street foods in Mexico
  • Dinner in San Miguel- visit with expats who live here

Day 4 – Tuesday – Tour begins at 9 AM

  • Breakfast in San Miguel de Allende
  • Visit the local farmer’s market 
  • Visit rentals in San Miguel de Allende
  • Learn about the different neighborhoods in San Miguel de Allende
  • Visit with expats and learn about the cost of living
  • Lunch at a popular expat restaurant in San Miguel de Allende
  • Meet with a local facilitator and learn about registering your car and getting a local driver’s license
  • Free Time to explore San Miguel de Allende on your own
  • OPTIONAL: City Trolley to visit the scenic overviews of San Miguel de Allende
  • Group Dinner in San Miguel de Allende – meet with other expats

DAY 5 – Wednesday – Tour starts at 9 AM

  • Breakfast in San Miguel de Allende
  • Visit Queretaro
  • Drive by the US Embassy Office 
  • Shopping Tour of Queretaro (HEB, Home Depot, Petco and Sams)
  • Lunch in Queretaro 
  • Visit rentals in Queretaro
  • Learn about the requirements to rent in Queretaro
  • Why Queretaro is a great alternative to San Miguel de Allende
  • Explore the charming colonial part of downtown Queretaro
  • Dinner in San Miguel de Allende- final day of the tour.

Check-Out Day- Thursday- Travel back to Guadalajara

  • Breakfast in San Miguel de Allende provided
  • Shuttle back to Guadalajara leaves at 7am on Thursday the 18th of November. It is leaving from our hotel in San Miguel de Allende.
  • Or you can choose to leave from our group hotel in San Miguel de Allende and take a shuttle at 9 am to Queretaro International Aiport.
  • Lunch, Dinner and Hotel on check-out day are NOT provided. However, if you need a recommendation for hotels in Ajijic, Guadalajara, or San Miguel de Allende we can help!
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Important Information

** If you are leaving from Guadalajara International Airport on checkout day, you should schedule your departure after 3 PM. You will not arrive at Guadalajara International Airport in time for an international flight before 3 PM. Otherwise, if you are leaving Queretaro International Airport on checkout day, you should schedule your departure after 12 PM. You will not arrive at Queretaro Airport in time for an international flight before 12 PM.

** Some travelers are required to get a COVID test before leaving Mexico. During the tour, we’ll provide you with information on COVID testing options in Mexico. We highly suggest you to NOT wait until your departure date to have a COVID test done. The lines at the airport can be very long and you risk losing your flight.

** The standard departure on checkout day is from our group hotel in San Miguel de Allende to either Guadalajara International Airport or Queretaro International Airport. If you’d like to depart San Miguel de Allende after your tour check-out day, we do NOT include the airport shuttle to Guadalajara Airport or Queretaro Airport. However, we are more than happy to give you our recommendations for a mode of airport transport. Note we must have your departure transportation scheduled at least 30 days before your tour date.