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Lake Chapala Relocation Tour Overview

An Amazing Adventure Is Waiting For You!

Our Lake Chapala Relocation Tour will introduce you to the affordable and wonderful lifestyle available when you move to Mexico. The tour costs around $150-200 USD a day for up to 2 people. You will pay your tour guide directly and schedule directly with them after you purchase the COMPLETE Mexico Relocation Guide

Your Tour Guide will share their knowledge and passion in the town where they live. They have the local experience, relationships, and knowledge, allowing them to provide a worry-free, life-enriching experience. 


Day 1

  • Your private tour guide will meet you at your hotel at 9 AM (have breakfast at hotel before meeting with the tour guide)
  • Visit the Tianguis in Chapala
  • Learn about the different stalls and foods in the mercado
  • Your tour guide can explain how to properly negotiate at mercados
  • Lunch on your own in Chapala
  • Drive to Racquet Club
  • Visit rentals in either Chapala or San Antonio Tlayacapan
  • Learn about renting in Mexico- common mistakes to avoid
  • You’ll see the differences in neighborhoods Lakeside
  • Free time to explore any area you like on your own

Day 2

  • Meet your tour guide at your hotel at 9 AM (Have breakfast at hotel before meeting your tour guide)
  • Visit The Lake Chapala Society
  • Visit the Mercado in Ajijic
  • Learn about integrating into Mexican culture- common mistakes expats make
  • Learn where expats hang out Lakeside
  • Visit various rentals in Ajijic (based on availability and budget)
  • Learn the differences between Ajijic and other Lakeside towns
  • Discuss the pros and cons of living in these areas
  • Lunch on your own in Ajijic
  • Visit Super Lake or similar grocery stores
  • Drive to Chapala
  • Explore the rest of Chapala on your own.

Your Tour Guide is an expert on everything related to the Lake Chapala area but isn’t an international relocation expert. So, to help you learn all the things you need to know about moving to Mexico, you’ll need to purchase the COMPLETE Online Mexico Relocation Guide.

Learn What Your Life Could Be Like When You Live in Mexico

This is NOT a real estate buying tour. There is no agenda to “sell” you anything.

Our only goal is to introduce you to the Mexican way of life and give you all the information you need to make a smooth move to Mexico. In addition, you will get information about and see some rentals so that you can see what’s available at various prices. In fact, if you do move to Mexico, we strongly advise that you do not buy right away; it’s better to rent for at least 6-12 months before you make a buying decision and only after you’ve gotten your residency visa.

During the Lake Chapala Relocation Tour, you’ll visit local shops and markets to discover the BETTER and MORE AFFORDABLE way to live. You’ll get to see first hand what’s available in Mexico and what your cost of living can be like.

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Our relocation tour guides charge approx $150-$200 USD a day for up to 2 people. They will customize your tour to fit your needs and wants. And if you are coming with a party larger than 2 people, just let them know so they can plan accordingly.

When you buy the COMPLETE Mexico Relocation Guide, you get instant access to our directory of contacts including our recommended relocation tour guides. Contact your preferred one, schedule your dates, and you’ll pay your tour guide directly when you arrive in Mexico.

Every day you will visit a new part of Lake Chapala so you can get a real experience of what life can be like for you here. Not some sugar-coated sales tour where you only see gated communities and not the real Mexico.

There’s More. . .

We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching how to “get things done” when you move to Mexico. So to make your life easier and save you hundreds of hours of research, you’ll also get our entire ROLODEX in the Online Mexico Relocation Guide, which includes:

  • Expat Health Insurance Experts
  • Medicare Healthcare Expert in Mexico
  • How to find a rental.. and things to watch out for
  • Banking in Mexico
  • CPAs with expat experience
  • Immigration Facilitator To Help With Your Residency
  • Shipping and moving companies (Tips for saving money, too)
  • What it takes to start a business in Mexico.. and which businesses are off-limits.
  • Pet relocation and recommended Pet Import Services
  • Trustworthy real estate agents and property managers (they are hard to find)
  • How to get online orders (Amazon) and mail delivered to you
  • How to buy property in Mexico
  • How to set up a Fideicomiso or bank trust
  • The cost of living in Mexico in different areas
  • How to get phone calls to/from your country in Mexico- FOR FREE
  • Step-by-step CHECKLIST of things to do BEFORE you move to Mexico
  • List of International Schools
  • List of honest real estate agents
  • Best places to buy or rent a car, and much MUCH more.

Let The Experts Show You The Way!

The best part of this tour is that although there is a suggested itinerary, you can fully customize it to YOUR needs. Your amazing tour guide can help you make doctor’s appointments, take you to a recommended dentist, drive you to meet with your immigration facilitator, or meet with any other contacts you’d like. If it’s not on the itinerary, don’t worry- we’ll communicate with you before the tour to ensure you accomplish the things you’d like!

In a matter of days, you’ll be able to learn if living Lakeside is right for you and how you can improve your lifestyle with fewer expenses and less stress! You’ll visit various areas at different price points, so you can decide which area is best for you. And you won’t only visit the most expensive gated communities in the area. Remember, there is no agenda on this tour to sell you anything!

But there’s a catch! We highly recommend you wear comfortable flat shoes and casual clothing for the tour. You will have to walk 4-5 blocks on uneven surfaces and go up and down stairs unassisted at some points on the tour. This tour is NOT recommended for people with mobility problems such as wheelchairs, walking canes, or anything that impedes you from being able to walk a few blocks every day.

This Lake Chapala Relocation Tour will SAVE You Money by Helping You AVOID Costly Mistakes!

During the tour, you will learn what life is like when you retire and live Lakeside. You’ll get some of the best-kept secrets we’ve discovered.

Another benefit of this tour is you’ll get a fully private experience. You won’t have to share a vehicle with other people outside your party. You’ll feel as if you’re touring a city with a friend.

You will also be invited to our private Facebook group, where you will get updates about Mexico, information about great deals on rentals, house sitting opportunities, and much more.

We’re Ready to Show You How to Retire in Mexico!

All payments will be processed by Mexico Relocation Guide using an encrypted and secure payment gateway. Click on the BOOK TOUR button to reserve your spot today.

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This is not a “tourist” tour. This is a one-of-a-kind relocation tour of Lake Chapala. There are NO sales pitches, and you get to explore Lake Chapala without the stress of renting a car or figuring out where to go.



  • Tour Guide- Your Local Expert
  • Approx. 7-8 hours a day with your tour guide
  • An educational and fun-filled itinerary!
  • Ground transportation on the tour
  • Additional stops- Dentist or Doctor’s Appointments
  • Access to our Online Mexico Relocation Online Guide

Not Included

  • International flight
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Airport Transfer
  • Alcohol
  • Room Service
  • Domestic Flights
  • Flight Upgrades
  • Souvenirs
  • Entrance fees to museums or parks
  • Tips for- hotel employees, taxi drivers, or other services.
  • Pre or post tour trip/vacation planning services
  • COVID tests

Common Additional Expenses

Besides the cost of the tour the things our guests typically spend additional money on are:

  • Lodging before and after the tour
  • Airport transfer
  • International airfare
  • Breakfast
  • Extra snacks from gas stations, convenience stores, etc.
  • Alcohol
  • Souvenirs
  • Extending your trip in Mexico
  • COVID tests

Have Questions?


[email protected]


U.S. +1 512-843-3426
9 AM – 6 PM Central

Ready to Get Started?

Refund and Date Change Policy

NOTE: You will need to walk 4-5 blocks on un-level surfaces and go up and downstairs to take the tour and function well in Mexico.  If you have serious medical conditions, please discuss this with us in advance so we can help you determine if the tour and Mexico will work for you. We DO NOT Recommend this tour for people with mobility problems.

Special Requirements: If you have specific food allergies, it is your responsibility to let the kitchen staff or waiters know in advance of ordering meals. If you have special diet requirements, you can let your tour guide know so they can try to accommodate the right restaurants. Please kindly note that your tour guide is not responsible for food allergies.