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Learn How to Move to Mexico and Have A Better Life for Less


The Complete Mexico Relocation Guide

Are you thinking about making the move to Mexico?

Then this guide is for you!

Our COMPLETE Mexico Relocation Guide will take the guesswork out of your move and answer all your questions. With our easy-to-follow online guide, you’ll have a smooth transition to your new life in Mexico.

Get access to our complete directory of trusted contacts in Mexico

We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to lawyers, real estate agents, and other professionals in Mexico. And we help you avoid these costly mistakes by giving you access to our recommended contacts in Mexico.

For example, We’ve seen many others overpaying by thousands of dollars for a residency visa, who paid double for health insurance, and who were taken advantage of in real estate transactions. All of it could be avoided if they only knew better!

Skip the headaches, the wasted time, and avoid wasting money by utilizing our network of trusted contacts – including:


Choosing the right lawyer or immigration facilitator is critical for getting a residency visa for a fair price and in a reasonable amount of time. You don’t want to get this wrong!


We give you insider access to the best insurance brokers in various parts of Mexico. That way you get the right insurance without being oversold.


Work with someone you can trust to help you find the perfect home to rent or buy.


Detailed information about your residency visa options in Mexico, and how to make sure you don’t make costly mistakes.

One of the reasons pricing can vary wildly for these services is that many of these providers have to pay kickbacks and commissions to magazine publishers and other tour operators. Other international relocation “experts” may steer you toward whichever provider will pay them the most commission.

We never accept kickbacks, commissions, or any form of compensation from the providers we recommend. Instead, we pass on those savings to YOU.

Our directory of recommended contacts contains only the most reliable and trustworthy providers we know of. And they can charge you a fair price since they aren’t paying us a commission.

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  • Our complete directory of recommended contacts in Mexico
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With Our Complete Mexico Relocation Guide
You’ll Learn…

  • Why Mexico is the ideal place to relocate to, especially for retirees
  • Exclusive immigration experts and their fair pricing
  • The best places to live in Mexico- based on your lifestyle preference
  • Get our trusted property manager and real estate agent contacts throughout Mexico
  • How to Get Your Pets to Mexico – with the least stress
  • Tips for finding a rental property in Mexico & what to watch out for
  • Buying real estate in Mexico
  • How to buy a car in Mexico & how to use public transportation
  • How to get mail in Mexico including Amazon orders
  • International mover contacts for household goods and cars
  • The best cell phone companies to use in Mexico and essential apps for expats
  • Private Relocation Tour Guides
  • Plus much more…

How Is The Mexico Relocation Guide Different?

Let’s face it….. There’s a lot of free information on moving to Mexico out there. Unfortunately, a lot of it is outdated, confusing, vague, or just simply wrong

We spent thousands of hours researching the most important topics about moving to Mexico. Then we had it all fact-checked by experts in each field. Finally, we put it all together in this easy-to-follow online guide.

That way you’re not making important decisions about moving to Mexico based on outdated or wrong information.

The Complete Mexico Relocation Guide will take away all the guesswork and confusion about relocating to or retiring in Mexico

It’s your road map to a smooth and easy transition to
living in Mexico.

Who is this Guide For?

You want to retire sooner rather than later with the money you have now.

You want to lower your cost of living without sacrificing your lifestyle.

You want clear, easy-to-follow details that take you from clueless to confident.

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  • Single Payment
  • Lifetime Access
  • Our complete directory of recommended contacts in Mexico
  • All of our tips & tricks for a smooth move to Mexico
  • Kept up-to-date

What Our Customers Have Said

Lisa Sanders

“For anyone considering moving to Mexico you need this guide. It answers all your questions and is constantly being updated. We know the information is up to date and accurate and will keep us from making costly mistakes if we follow the guide”

Jerry Chaffee

“Being single adds to the stress. The relocation guide has been a lifesaver. It is packed with tons of up-to-date info to make the transition much easier. I am looking forward to going on future tours. Thanks for allowing me to share my dreams.”

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What You Can Expect

The Mexico Relocation Guide is a convenient online guide with 150+ answers to the most important questions about retiring, moving, and living in Mexico. Plus, you get access to our vetted and recommended contacts in Mexico.

Conveniently Online 

The Mexico Relocation Guide is available anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection and your phone, tablet, or computer. You can follow along while you’re in Mexico without looking like a tourist.

Consistently Updated

Don’t you hate it when the only answers you find are from 3+ years ago? The Mexico Relocation Guide is consistently updated with current information.  

Written, Fact-Checked & Verified by Professionals

The information on this guide has been partially written and fact-checked with actual experts in their fields. That way you aren’t basing your decisions on hearsay. We work with reputable immigration lawyers, real estate agents, attorneys, health care brokers, and other professionals to verify that information you get on this guide is accurate.

Access To Actual People

Throughout the guide, we give you recommendations and actual contact information to various experts and companies that are trustworthy and reliable. You’ll get recommendations for Private Relocation Tour Guides, Immigration Experts, Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Attorneys, Healthcare Brokers, Doctors, Facilitators, etc.

Relocation Tours

With the online guide, you also get access to our list of recommended private relocation tour guides across Mexico. This will be your boots-on-the-ground visit to Mexico where you can see rentals, neighborhoods, local hangouts, and learn what living in Mexico is like from a local.


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This exclusive community is the place to share your thoughts about all things Mexico and get in touch with other Mexico Relocation Guide customers. It’s perfect for learning even more tips and tricks for moving to or living in Mexico.

So, Why Move to Mexico?

Mexico is much more affordable than most cities in The U.S., Canada, or Europe. Relocating to Mexico could make it possible for you to retire early and retire with a quality lifestyle without sacrificing.

Mexico is the most popular destination in the world for American ex-pats. There are over 1.5 million people from The U.S., Canada, and Europe here. The proximity to the U.S. and the availability of international flights make Mexico an attractive place to move to. There are more than 5,000+ miles of coastline and beautiful mountain ranges throughout the country.

You can pick your ideal temperature based on elevation.

The climate in Mexico is pretty constant throughout the year. And that means you can find your ideal year-round temperature based on elevation and location.

The temperature drops a few degrees for every 1,000 feet increase in elevation. For example, in the mountain town of San Miguel de Allende- at 6,200 feet – daytime temperatures constantly stay around the 70-80s all year! You don’t need an air conditioner or heater so electric bills are usually less than $30 per month. Whereas Playa del Carmen – at sea level – has a year-round average temperature of 90-95 degrees.

Health care is excellent and very affordable

You can see a doctor for as little as $2 or go to a private hospital to see a specialist for $20. Either way, it’s very affordable!

Mexico’s health insurance is very affordable too! For example: If you’re 65, your cost could be $150/ month for good local insurance. If you have pre-existing conditions, they may be excluded the first year or two but covered after that. Either way, the world-class and affordable healthcare in Mexico is one of the top reasons to move here.

Fast and easy residency visa

If you have at least $2,000 a month in monthly income or $35,000 in savings, you qualify for Mexico’s famous Temporary Visa.

The residency visa process is started in your home country which saves you a lot of money before moving to Mexico. And best of all, you don’t have to live in Mexico full time to keep your residency.

Ease of integrating

We really encourage you to rent when you first move to Mexico. Many rentals come completely furnished and include all utilities too. This makes it possible to control your monthly cost of living with no surprises. What is fully furnished? It comes with pots, pans, dishes, silverware, coffee pot, sheets, towels, microwave, TV, etc – everything you need. Just pack your bags, and move in!

Mexicans are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet! In some areas of Mexico English is widely spoken. But in some areas, it is not. We cover which ones we recommend inside the online guide.

These are all good reasons to move to Mexico!

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  • Single Payment
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  • Our complete directory of recommended contacts in Mexico
  • All of our tips & tricks for a smooth move to Mexico
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