March 20, 2023
Health Insurance for Expats in Mexico
Are you wondering what insurance coverage you can get in Mexico? We invited Greg Hovey from Safe Travels in Mexico to share some of his options. And I think...
March 19, 2023
Watch This BEFORE Moving to Ajijic
Ajijic is in the sought-after Lake Chapala. And it is one of the most popular places for expats moving to Mexico. It’s estimates that over 20,000 foreigners live here,...
March 4, 2023
Living on $1400 USD A Month in Ensenada, Mexico
Kathy moved to Ensenada, Baja California, from the U.S. for many reasons. One of them is the lower cost of living. But now she loves Mexico for the people, the...
February 26, 2023
Living in Chapala, Mexico (Video)
Wondering about living or retiring in Chapala? We think this town is a great alternative to Ajijic. In this video, we cover:
February 15, 2023
Should You Move to Guadalajara?
Today’s video is all about Guadalajara!  This city is well-known for its uniqueness in many aspects, history, great food, warm people, an awesome artistic community, lots of sports and...
February 5, 2023
Colonia Americana — The Coolest Neighborhood in the World
Did you know that the world’s coolest neighborhood is in Mexico? Time Out Magazine named Colonia Americana the coolest neighborhood in the world! Located in the central highlands of...
January 25, 2023
It’s Always Summer Living in Playa del Carmen
Molly retired in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, after spending way too many winters in Pennsylvania. She knew she was tired of the cold weather. She always knew she would...
January 9, 2023
Is Living in Puerto Vallarta Right For You?
Living in Puerto Vallarta is one of the most sought-after places in Mexico for retirement. With miles of beaches, endless entertainment, shopping, and sunshine almost every day of the...
January 7, 2023
Why This Couple Moved to Queretaro
Gina and Mark moved to Queretaro, Mexico, in 2022. Mark retired, and Gina continues working remotely for an IT firm in Healthcare. In this video, they talk about their...