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January 12, 2022
The Importance of A Scouting Trip
It’s been your dream to retire in Mexico. You’ve done hours of research. You’ve watched all the Youtube channels and learned about the different areas. You know about other’s...
January 10, 2022
Special Program in Mexico That Gives You Residency Without Proving Economic Solvency!
Mexico’s sudden increase for 2022 in minimum wage- Which went from $141 to $173 pesos also caused a sudden spike in the income requirements for temporary and permanent residency....
January 1, 2022
Is This City Better Than Ajijic?
Watch the video to find out if this city is better than Ajijic. I’d love to know your thoughts!
December 29, 2021
AMA- Moving to Mexico 2021
In the latest live stream, I answered all YOUR questions about moving to Mexico. And I am sharing the replay with you below. I will do these live streams...
retire in ajijic or chapala
December 27, 2021
Ajijic or Chapala?
If you were to ask the majority of retirees and other expats living in the Lake Chapala area what they love about it, you’d get a variety of opinions....
December 25, 2021
Mexico’s Residency Income Requirements- 2022
Here are some updates on the residency visa income requirements I calculated the amounts using the new minimum wage of $172.87 Pesos. And the exchange rate of 20 MXN...
Do you really need health insurance in mexico?
December 22, 2021
Do You Really Need Healthcare Insurance in Mexico?
Many people move to Mexico for various reasons, including better weather, lower cost of living, a new adventure, and affordable healthcare. But there’s a saying in the expat community,...