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Private Relocation Tours

You may have already done a lot of research and have a “shortlist” of places you are considering relocating to. And if you’re ready to go on a scouting trip because nothing will beat boots on the ground for you to determine if Mexico is right for you. 

Then our Private Relocation Tours are a great option for you!  A Private Tour is a 2-3 day tour in a specific town/area.  A Private Tour is fully customized to do and see the things you are most interested in.  And, a Private Tour will only have you or your family and the Private Tour Guide..

A Private Tour is also ideal for

  • Those who would like to see what living in a specific area of Mexico is like
  • You don’t want just a touristy tour- you want to move there
  • Fully customized tour based on your needs
  • Prefer to social distance and not be on a group tour
We have private tours all over Mexico- including San Miguel de Allende

A Private Tour Guide will share their knowledge and passion in the town where they live.  They understand the local customs, neighborhoods, shopping places, pros and cons, and more. They have the local experience, relationships, and knowledge, allowing them to provide a worry-free, life-enriching experience. 

Our Private Tour Guides are bi-lingual. The Private Tour Guides were selected because of their knowledge about life in Mexico and the specific area you are interested in. Your Private Tour Guide will give you the “inside scoop” about the town you are most interested in relocating to and will help you see what life as a local is like. Because of their expertise, you’ll leave the Private Tour with a deeper understanding of what life is like in the town you explore. Yes, you’ll see the REAL Mexico without sugar-coating.

BASIC PRIVATE TOUR COSTS:  $200-$300 per day (price depends on itinerary). The price is per couple or 1-2 people on the tour.

DATES:  You decide!  It’s completely customized to your schedule!

EXTRA PEOPLE – There is a $100 per person fee if there is a 3rd or 4th person on your tour.


A Basic Private Tour does not include hotels but your Private Tour Guide can make recommendations for you to fit your budget and needs. They will meet you at your hotel to start your Private Tour unless you arrange for pickup at a different location.

A Basic Private Tour includes transportation during your tour, making arrangements for you to see and do the things you want to accomplish, see rentals that fit your budget, and breaks for lunch and such. They will share their wealth of information about living in the area so you can really see what living like a local is like.

You may want to do a two-day Private Tour in one area, then do a two-day Private Tour in a different area to see how they compare. Many of our customers do that, and they can accomplish what would normally take them months, in a few days. 

Here’s what Kelli Bush has to say about her private relocation tour in Ajijic

Me, my husband and our son came to Ajijic for the first time and we had a private tour guide in Ajijic.  She picked us up at our hotel every day and drove us all around to look at properties. She was patient and sweet and even took us to her brother’s food truck right on the main street in Ajijic.. it was amazing!  Our private tour guide was born and raised in Lake Chapala and knows the area and everybody in the area! We looked at one house, in particular, that was going to require major construction and Demolition and she brought over a contractor and they spent over an hour with us looking over the house. She even showed us where she lives and the beautiful house where she was dog-sitting!!  In fact today she toured a house with us via video! We are coming back down in 2 weeks to look at more houses with her. We absolutely recommend her 100%!” 

Here’s what Tania Grozell had to say about her private relocation tour in Puerto Vallarta:

I just wanted to say that the recommended tour guide in Puerto Vallarta is fantastic! She is an amazing guide and will customize for whatever you need. We toured some schools and different neighborhoods. She even helped book our PCR test for our return flight to Canada.

See rentals in your private relocation tour


The Private Tour Guides are experts about the town where they live.  But they are not relocation experts. So, to learn all the things you need to know to relocate to Mexico, you’ll need the Online Mexico Relocation Course. 

It contains detailed information about relocating to Mexico. The Online Course has all the information you’d need to make a move to Mexico including important contacts for which immigration lawyer to use, honest real estate agents, how to bring pets into Mexico, where to buy health insurance, best places to live and so many other things you’ll need to know to have a smooth move to Mexico.

Plus, the Mexico Relocation Course is vetted and fact-checked by professionals and consistently updated. So you’re not basing your most important decisions on hearsay.

You’ll also get access to our exclusive private Facebook community where you can interact and ask questions of people who have already moved to the area you are interested in.

Here’s what Jerry Chaffee had to say about our Mexico Relocation Course:

“Being single adds to the stress. The relocation course has been a lifesaver. It is packed with tons of up-to-date info to make the transition much easier. I am looking forward to going on future tours. It’s full of information for future expats like me that want to move to Mexico. Best purchase I have made so far. Thanks for allowing me to share my dreams.”

Here’s what Lisa Sanders had to say about our Mexico Relocation Course:

“For anyone considering moving to Mexico you need this guide. It answers all your questions and is constantly being updated. We know the information is up to date and accurate and will keep us from making costly mistakes if we follow the guide”


FIRST, you will need to purchase the Online Mexico Relocation Course. The cost is $395 USD. You’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to all Private Tour Guides’ names and contact information when you purchase the Online Mexico Relocation Course. We also included a brief bio and a photo of your Private Tour Guide so  you can get to know her/him before contacting them. 

SECOND, you will need to contact the Private Tour Guide by Email, Phone or WhatsApp to confirm the dates you want to take a tour. Your Private Tour will ask several questions about what you’d like to accomplish during your Private Tour. Tell your Private Tour Guide where you want to go and what you’d like to accomplish, then we’ll help formulate a custom tour to fit your exact needs.

Mexico Relocation Guide Customers with their Private Tour Guide in Ajijic

Of course, they’ll be glad to make suggestions too! Private tours are usually from 9 am to 4 pm, but this is fully customizable for YOU. So you can work with your tour guide to adjust the time to fit your schedule. The Private Tour Guides will make sure you have an amazing experience. Your Private Tour Guide will customize the tour to exactly what you want to see, do, and learn!

We have Private Tour Guides for:

  • Lake Chapala and Ajijic
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Riviera Nayarit
  • San Miguel de Allende
  • Rosarito and Ensenada
  • Merida
  • Huatulco
  • Puerto Escondido
  • Oaxaca
  • Riviera Maya – Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cancun
  • Mazatlan
  • Queretaro
  • Puebla and Atlixco

**And we’re consistently adding new cities and new tour guides to our list! If it’s not on this list, email me at and I can connect you to someone.

Mexico is a LARGE country. To help you decide which area is best for you, read this article The Best Highland Cities in Mexico for Retirement

Explore the Lake Chapala area with your custom private relocation tour


During your Private Tour, your Guide can arrange for:

  • See rentals within your budget
  • Meet honest real estate agents/property managers
  • See a variety of different neighborhoods
  • Discuss the town’s pros and cons
  • Shopping and restaurant options
  • Local grocery stores and farmer’s markets
  • Have lunch or dinner with expats
  • Entertainment or tourists excursions
  • Private meeting with an immigration lawyer
  • Plus whatever else you would like to do or see

Between the Private Tour and the information in the Online Mexico Relocation Course, you will come away with the knowledge you need to relocate confidentially and seamlessly to Mexico.

Plus, you get Ongoing Support before, during, and after moving to Mexico! With the Online Mexico Relocation Course, you’ll get exclusive lifetime access to our private community where we are readily available to answer your questions and help you have a smooth move to Mexico.


To get the most out of your Private Tour, it’s important to clearly communicate with your Private Tour Guide what you want to see and do. If you want to see rentals, define the maximum price and what features the house/condo needs to have. Understand that what you are looking for may not be available in certain areas. For example, if you want a $1000 a month 3-bedroom 2-bath house with a pool facing the ocean, that is not going to happen in Huatulco or Tulum. But there are other areas like Puerto Vallarta and Playa del Carmen where that property may be available.

We have a private tour guide in Merida

If you want to meet with your immigration attorney during your Private Tour, be sure to let your Private Tour Guide know so they can add that to your customized itinerary. They won’t schedule your consultation with your immigration attorney, but will gladly take you to meet with him/her.

In addition, tell your private tour guide what you are NOT interested in seeing. By clearly communicating what you do and do not want to see or learn about, your Private Tour Guide can create the ideal itinerary. Of course, your Private Tour Guide can make suggestions too.

To get the best experience during your Private Tour, only pick a Private Tour Guide from our list in the area you are interested in. For example, if you want to learn about living in San Miguel de Allende and see rentals in San Miguel de Allende, you should only pick a Private Tour Guide from our San Miguel de Allende list. If you want to learn about living in Ajijic and see rentals in Ajijic or other Lake Chapala areas, you should only pick a Private Tour Guide from the Lake Chapala list.

These Private Tours are available on a first-come, first-served basis. In some towns, we have multiple Private Tour Guides. But in some areas, we only have one expert Private Tour Guide.

Buy The Online Course Then Book a Private Tour Guide

BOOK EARLY to make sure you get the dates you need for a Private Tour. These Private Tours will fill up fast!  Sign up early to secure your dates.

Buy the Online Mexico Relocation Course to get INSTANT ACCESS to the Private Tour Guide information.


Not Employees:  The Private Tour Guides are NOT Mexico Relocation Guide employees. They are independent contractors. You will pay for them directly. In some cases, your private relocation tour guide will ask you for a deposit upfront. This is common and Mexico Relocation Guide DOES NOT get a commission on any of the Private Tours. Mexico Relocation Guide will not be involved in coordinating your Private Tour.

COVID Rules: Mexico does not require you to have proof of vaccine or a negative COVID-19 test to enter Mexico. However, your private tour guide may require you to have proof of a negative COVID test in order to book with them. They are independent contractors that can set their own rules for their own safety. We also recommend you wear a mask on your private tour to ensure the safety of your private tour guide and your family. Check with your private tour guide what their requirements are before coming to Mexico. Most Mexican cities and towns still require that you wear a mask when you are in public or going into stores. Covid rules could change with short notice.  We’ll keep you updated on Facebook and by email, but you should also check with your airlines and the Mexican Embassy.

Refund Policy:  You will pay cash to your Private Tour Guide when your tour begins.  If you need to cancel, notify your guide as soon as possible, ideally 30 days in advance.  They may, or may not, be willing to reschedule you.  There are no refunds for the Online Mexico Relocation Mexico.

Private tour guides are available in beach towns and in mountain towns around Mexico


Can you add a 3rd or 4th person?

You’ll need to ask your Private Tour Guide if they can accommodate additional family members on your Private Tour and what the fee would be if any.

Can you book hotels for us?

Your tour guide may or may not be able to schedule hotels for you. However, in the Mexico Relocation Course, you also get access to our recommended travel agent. Our travel agent in Mexico gets exclusive rates through certain hotels.  The cost of the hotel rooms is not included in your Basic Private Tour.

Mexico Relocation Guide does not help with hotel reservations for Private Tours, but you can ask for recommendations on hotels in our private Facebook community.

Do you offer airport pick up?

In some areas, yes, your Basic Private Tour Guide can offer airport pick up for an additional fee. Ask your private tour guide for more information.

Can we add extra days to see more at the end of our Private Tour?

Your Private Tour Guide will likely have another tour scheduled immediately after your tour.  If that is the case, they cannot add days to your tour.  When you call or email to book your Private Tour, discuss with your Private Tour guide what you’d like to accomplish during your tour so they can make a recommendation of how many days you will need for your Private Tour.

How do I pay for my Private Tour Guide?

Most of our private relocation tour guides accept Paypal, Cash, or Wire Transfers. Contact them to find out how to pay for your private tour.

Come see how you can LIVE BETTER for LESS in Mexico. Join us for a Private Mexico Relocation tour.