December 29, 2022
A Look Into Living in Jocotepec
Are you thinking about living in Ajijic but finding that the rentals are too high or out of your budget? Then we think you should look into living in...
December 17, 2022
Living in Ajijic Mexico Is A Dream
Araceli moved to Ajijic Mexico from San Francisco, California when the pandemic started in 2020.. And even though she had never heard of this charming pueblo in the highlands...
December 10, 2022
Is Living in Guadalajara A Best-Kept Secret?
When Armelle moved from California to Mexico in 2020, she didn’t expect that she would love living in Guadalajara so much. The kindness of the people, the culture, the...
living in patzcuaro
December 3, 2022
Living in Patzcuaro Will Blow You Away
I want to tell you about a pueblo magico that doesn’t get talked about a lot on all the expat forums. Today, I want to share more about living...
November 25, 2022
Living in Morelia Will Amaze You
Morelia is the capital city in the state of Michoacan. And even though it isn’t the most popular place to retire in Mexico, I want to show you why...
November 18, 2022
Alternative Cancer Treatment in Mexico
When Karrol was diagnosed with an aggressive tumor earlier in 2022, she knew she was going to have to seek alternative treatments. Karrol was diagnosed with stage 3 breast...
November 10, 2022
This Family of 3 Lives on Less Than $2,000 A Month in Queretaro
Rod and Landy moved to Queretaro and love it! When Road and Landy were living in Houston, they felt that they were stuck in the rat race and wanted...
November 5, 2022
Living in Campeche – An Affordable City in Mexico
We all know there are “expat” hotspots in Mexico where a lot of foreigners tend to gravitate to. Mostly because there is alreaduy an established community of other English-speakers...
October 28, 2022
Living in Guanajuato- Is It Better Than San Miguel de Allende?
Guanajuato is the capital city of the state of Guanajuato in Mexico’s Bajio region. The city is known for for its architecture, art scene, college vibe, tunnels, and kissing...