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Cost Of Living- Mexico

June 7, 2022
Yes, You Can! Retire in Ajijic on Less Than $2,000 A Month
If you’re anything like me you love to research potential places to live in Mexico. And by now you’ve undoubtedly heard expats rave about Ajijic! Located on the shores...
May 29, 2022
Living in Atlixco- The City of Flowers and Perfect Weather
Atlixco is a beautiful town located about 40 mins away from the large city of Puebla. It has a small-town charm, great spring-like weather, natural beauty, and all the...
May 20, 2022
A Unique Guide to Living in San Miguel de Allende- Cost of Living Included!
The charming colonial city of San Miguel de Allende is located in the state of Guanajuato, in Mexico’s Bajio region. San Miguel is known for its rich culture and...
May 15, 2022
Retire in Puerto Vallarta On Less Than $2000 a Month!
Are you dreaming of retiring on the beach in Mexico? Then, Puerto Vallarta might be just the place!  With conveniences like an international airport, a wide range of dental...
February 22, 2022
Tips to Help You Grocery Shop Like A Local in Mexico
Back in 2010, when I made my first trip to Playa del Carmen and fell in love with the area, food shopping was not on my list of things...
February 2, 2022
8 Interesting Differences of Living in Mexico vs the U.S.
This blog post was written by our guest writer, Jeff- our recommended relocation tour guide in Playa del Carmen– He shares his experience with some of the major differences...
December 15, 2021
How You Can Turn The Desire to Retire Early Into A Reality
If the pandemic these last 2 years has taught us anything, it’s that life is short. It’s a silver lining reminder that I think we all needed in some...
cost of living in Mexico
October 23, 2021
6 Cost of Living Comparisons in Mexico From Real People
In the past few months, I have interviewed over 20 different expats living across Mexico on our YouTube Channel. We’ve covered everything from why they moved to Mexico, what...
September 10, 2021
Unique Tips About Living in San Miguel de Allende
I did an interview with my friend Ernie, and it had really good tips from a retiree who chose to settle down in San Miguel de Allende. We covered...