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Moving To Mexico

January 12, 2022
The Importance of A Scouting Trip
It’s been your dream to retire in Mexico. You’ve done hours of research. You’ve watched all the Youtube channels and learned about the different areas. You know about other’s...
mexico relocation guide
July 22, 2021
New Online Solution- Learn About Moving and Retiring in Mexico
I have some pretty exciting news to share with you. By now, you’re probably familiar with a few of my blog posts where I’ve shared tips and helpful information...
June 4, 2021
What Does It Cost To Move To Mexico?
Whenever you move, there are upfront moving costs. Even if you’re moving across town or even within the same state, there will be moving expenses. Even though you can...
April 9, 2021
Your First Month in Mexico
One of your biggest concerns, when you’re moving to Mexico, might be your limited amount of Spanish. But I’m telling you… don’t let it stop you from trying to...
is mexico a 3rd world country
March 22, 2021
Mexico Is NOT a 3rd World Country!
Many foreigners who have never set foot here assume that Mexico is a 3rd world country. The term “3rd world” has been loosely thrown around for decades in relation...
February 5, 2021
13 Negatives Of Living In Mexico
If you ask 100 expats what their life is like in Mexico, you’ll get 100 different answers. Their experience depends on where they live, how patient they are, and...
7 Mistakes Expats Make in Mexico
November 6, 2020
7 Mistakes Expats in Mexico Make
Moving to Mexico is exciting! Just make sure that while you’re focused on your new home, you avoid these mistakes expats make in Mexico. You want to make your...
August 21, 2020
How To Become A Resident in Mexico
Getting residency in Mexico is a pretty simple process. Yet, I see so many people who either think Mexico’s immigration laws are non-existent. Or I see people who know...
August 19, 2020
Moving to Mexico? 5 Simple Things You Should Consider.
You’ve made the decision that you’re moving to Mexico! That’s exciting! You imagine your life on one of the many beautiful beaches Mexico is home to. Or, perhaps, you...