Could This City Be The Best Place to Live in Mexico?

Puebla is a city of about 3 million people.

So why doesn’t it show up on all the expat blogs or any of the popular relocation publishers? It could very well be one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets.

With rents in some of the nicest parts of town starting at $10,000 Pesos (about $500 USD/Month) it’s surprising that more expats don’t live here.

Puebla also has an amazing history, rich culture, great temperate weather, awesome natural beauty, a low cost of living, and truly good food. And I want to show you that living in Puebla may just be the best place to live in Mexico.

Watch the video to give you an idea of why I recommend Puebla.

Mariana Lange

Mariana Lima-Lange was born in Mexico and immigrated to the U.S. when she was a child. She spent every summer visiting family throughout Mexico and is very knowledgeable about Mexican culture, lifestyle, and traditions. She is fluent in both Spanish and English.

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  1. Mildred-Anne Huff says

    Could I live more rural yet close to Puebla
    And thanks for the video

    • Mariana Lange says

      Yes of course- we recommend Cholula or Atlixco

      • Linda Carlson says

        Thanks for video. I’m an author and also work as a writer (remote). Would chouka or atlixco be more appropriate to find some place for me to move with 5 (?)bedrooms so I can do workshops 1 or 2x a year for foreigner.. many thanks.
        Linda [email protected]

  2. M. Tim Cavanaugh says

    I’ve enjoyed your videos. My wife and I are considering retiring in Mexico, at least for a number of years.

    Finances plays a role. Wondered about $1500/mo. to $2000/mo max. for living expenses. Your video on Puebla leans us in that direction but Campeche seemed nice and near the ocean. I noticed many like San Miguel de Allendo (?) … maybe too expensive??

    We like easy access for flights to US.

    All in all … is there an area/town you most recommend. We don’t speak Spanish but would like to begin picking it up. We have learned other languages.

    Good health care is probably a factor at our age.


    • Mariana Lange says

      You could also look into Cholula, Patzcuaro, Queretaro
      My honest opinion is that you can live anywhere in Mexico on $1500 a month as a couple. Some places may have more rentals to fit your budget, and some cities like San Miguel may have less rentals. But not impossible.

  3. Millie says

    HI Mariana! Thank you so much for your article and this video. I was thinking about moving to Puebla early in February and your video definitely helped me to make up my mind!

    Do you have any advice on finding an apartment in Puebla? I would like to have a realtor before I arrive so I can start my apartment search as soon as possible.

    Thanks again for your hard work in providing expats like myself valuable information on Mexico.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Mariana Lange says

      Hi Millie
      Yes we can help you!
      Our COMPLETE Mexico Relocation Guide has a lot of information about buying or renting a house in Mexico the right way.
      And if you need help from a real estate agent, we also give you our directory of recommended contacts across Mexico.
      To get access to our information and directory of contacts, you first have to purchase our Mexico Relocation Guide
      Find out what’s included here

      And yes, we have contacts in Puebla that can help you with various things.

  4. María-Teresa de Balin says

    Mariana, your video of Puebla, Mexico, was well-done. Thank you for the information you’re sharing. I’m a Mexican too, and I’m considering going back to Mexico. I’m looking for a small city, no drug cartels problem. Your video invited me to learn more about Puebla in present times.



    • Mariana Lange says

      I’m so glad it was helpful! You should visit Puebla again and see it through a new set of lenses 🙂

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