Tips For Beach Living in Mexico

Hello friends! If you’ve been thinking about retiring in Playa del Carmen or anywhere on the Riviera Maya this post is just for YOU.

In my newest LIVE video interview with Jeff, who has been living in Mexico since 2019, we covered topics like:

  • How to prepare for a hurricane in Mexico?
  • COVID restrictions in Quintana Roo?
  • Tips on how to integrate into Mexican society easier.
  • Private Relocation Tours with Jeff in Playa del Carmen

I’ll explain further in the next few paragraphs.

*By the way, you may recognize Jeff, from a previous video interview we did a few months ago. He is also one of our recommended private tour guides in Playa del Carmen. Learn more here

Preparing For A Hurricane in Mexico

Most people who are interested in living on a beach in Mexico will start their research with topics like cost of living, expat communities, activities, events, rentals, and things like that.

But what about preparing for a hurricane in Mexico?

Do you know what you should do? How you should prepare? And where you can get local news about it? Most newcomers don’t. Until their first hurricane hits. At least that was the case with Jeff when he first moved to Playa. He got a taste of hurricane season in Mexico and quickly realized he wasn’t very prepared. So he gave us the following tips:

  • Make sure your house/condo/apartment is weather-proofed. Windows, Door frames, roofs, and other openings should be weather sealed. Otherwise you’ll have water leaks everywhere when the rain comes.
  • Buy extra “garrafones” (5 gallon water jugs). You’ll need the extra water to drink, cook, flush toilets, wash dishes, and for pets. Many homes in Mexico have an electric pump that gives you water pressure. Without electricity, you’ll have virtually no water.
  • Make sure your electronic devices are fully charged. This will help you weather the storm when the mandated curfews are put into place. Internet may be spotty, but in most cases still available.
  • Have batteries and flashlights on hand. In case the electricity goes out, you can still find your way around at night.
  • Check-in with the local government websites for updates.

If you are living in Quintana Roo you should check out the local government’s website for weather updates. And their Facebook Page is also a good source of local news and weather updates in real time. However, if you live in a different coastal state, you should check your local government’s website for more information.

COVID Restrictions in Quintana Roo

In previous articles, you’ll hear me warn you about taking the information you get from Facebook groups. Even with the best intentions, wrong information always finds a way to the ears of someone who then shares that information with someone else.

That’s exactly what happened earlier this summer when there was a rumor circulating various social channels about mandatory vaccine cards to enter businesses in Quintana Roo.

The truth is a local member of government made a comment during a press conference about the possibility of implementing this mandate. However, this never happened. The result: post after post after post of people stating that vaccine cards are now required to do anything in Playa del Carmen.

The current COVID restrictions in Quintana Roo are:

  • Masks to be worn at all times in public spaces and when entering businesses.
  • No children allowed inside grocery stores, malls, convenience stores, and the like.
  • Temperature taken at the entrance of every business.
  • Disinfectant gel applied to every customer entering a big store.
  • You should step on the disinfectant tray at the entrance of stores to clean your shoes.

And the current COVID restrictions to enter Mexico are that all travelers fill out a health questionnaire before entering the country.

Private Relocation Tours With Jeff

But perhaps one of the most important things you can do for yourself if you’re thinking about moving to Playa del Carmen is to hire a private relocation tour guide.

What is a private relocation tour guide? Let me explain:

You’ve already done a lot of research and have a “shortlist” of places you are considering relocating to. Our Private Tours might be the best solution if you don’t want to scout an area by yourself. A Private Tour is a 2-3 day tour in a specific town/area. If you wanted to have a fully customized tour of Playa del Carmen or any of the surrounding beach towns, you would hire Jeff.

Jeff is not a tourist type of tour guide. He won’t focus on showing you the ruins and the touristy things of the Riviera Maya. Instead, you would work with Jeff to show you what it’s like to live in Playa del Carmen like a local. He can show you rentals in your budget, various neighborhoods, tips on getting around, the pros and cons of a certain area, grocery stores, farmer’s markets, and things you’d want to know if you were going to live here.

We have private relocation tour guides all over Mexico. Want to learn more? Visit this page.

Watch the Full Interview

But everything I have listed so far in this post is only scratching the surface of our in depth interview. If you’re seriously considering moving to Mexico and particularly Quintana Roo, I highly suggest you watch the full replay.

Mariana Lange

Mariana Lima-Lange was born in Mexico and immigrated to the U.S. when she was a child. She spent every summer visiting family throughout Mexico and is very knowledgeable about Mexican culture, lifestyle, and traditions. She is fluent in both Spanish and English.

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  1. PJ Romano says

    Hi Mariana ,
    What a beautiful name . I am planning to retire in December of this year, but given the need for due diligence in better understanding visas, Healthcare and housing costs etc. I may wait till 2024 December. I would like to live in a beach town as I look forward to dialing back in retirement. This while still remaining active as I explore my new home, embrace the local culture , travel and make new friends along the way.
    I have been to Playa several times but would also like to know more about the Huatalco , Oaxaco region of Mexico. I would love to chat as I have so many questions and would love your insight and expertise.
    Thank you

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