Retired in Ensenada- Advice and Tips for other Expats

Kathy is a 66 year old American expat who has found her retirement dreams in Ensenada, Baja California.

In this interview, Kathy shares how she ended up in Ensenada, Baja California. Her cost of living expenses like: Rent in Ensenada, Groceries in Ensenada, Health Insurance in Mexico, Eating Out, Utilities, and more!

Kathy also shares some tips and common scams that you can avoid when you retire in Ensenada.

And she also shared some of her personal tips on dating Mexican men.

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Mariana Lange

Mariana Lima-Lange was born in Mexico and immigrated to the U.S. when she was a child. She spent every summer visiting family throughout Mexico and is very knowledgeable about Mexican culture, lifestyle, and traditions. She is fluent in both Spanish and English.

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  1. Roberto Santana says

    Thinking about retirement and want to learn what would be the advantages of leaving in the Rosarito- Ensenada area would leave on my SSI and small savings is there something we can learn from your comments?
    It would be appreciated

    • Mariana Lange says

      I have a video coming soon for living in Ensenada!

  2. Joe says

    Which banks in Ensenada offer safe deposit boxes?

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