Residency Visa

March 13, 2024
The Complete Guide to Mexican Resident Visa (Temporary and Permanent Residency)
Obtaining your Mexican Resident Visa is not as easy as some think. We know how hard it can be to navigate Mexican bureaucracy. And if you don’t understand perfect...
January 5, 2024
Special Residency in Mexico- NO INCOME NEEDED
Each INM Office Applies Its Own Criteria Just keep in mind that requirements, as defined by INM, should be consistent across all offices, but specific criteria may exist for...
January 2, 2024
Residency in Mexico Financial Requirements 2024- By Consulate
Here are some updates on the Mexico residency visa income requirements for 2024 Each Mexican Consulate Has Its Own Requirements Perhaps one of the most frustrating parts of the...
January 1, 2024
Immigration Fees in Mexico – 2024
If you are applying to become a resident in Mexico, there are specific immigration fees you should be aware of. These usually increase each year and are different based...
October 24, 2023
This Country is A GREAT Plan B
Some of you are planning a move to Mexico for various reasons. Some of you like the proximity to the USA, familiarity with the culture, its people, and, of...
September 6, 2023
Apply for Mexican Residency SOON!
If there was ever a time to have a plan B to move to Mexico, it is now! Thousands of foreigners relocate to Mexico yearly, mainly because of the...
August 8, 2023
Residency Visas in Mexico Series (Part 2)
Want to know about getting residency in Mexico? In part 2 of our Residency Visas in Mexico YT Series, I cover: Thank you to everyone for submitting your questions...
August 8, 2023
Residency Visas in Mexico Series (Part 1)
If you want to know how to move to obtain a Mexican residency, this series will help you understand residency visa options in Mexico! Our residency visa in Mexico...
May 30, 2023
Permanent Residency in Mexico-The Ultimate Guide
Are you dreaming of living in Mexico permanently? Whether you want to retire in paradise, start a business, or enjoy a new lifestyle, obtaining permanent residency in Mexico can...