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Residency Visa

residency in mexico
October 5, 2021
Residency Visas in Mexico- Q&A
The most frequent emails I receive on a regular basis are around Residency in Mexico. There is a lot of confusion regarding this topic out there because there are...
How to schedule through Mexitel
June 28, 2021
Quick How-To: Scheduling Appointments Through Mexitel
As of June 2021, the way to schedule an appointment through Mexitel has changed. The site got a facelift, and the process to schedule an appointment has changed. If...
expats in mexico
May 13, 2021
9 Reasons Mexico Is Popular With Retirees
Many retirees have been making the move to Mexico for over 40 years now. Mexico offers retirees a lower cost of living and a great quality of life since...
April 1, 2021
What’s An FMM? Do You Need One?
You might be doing some homework online trying to figure out what kinds of documents you need to come to Mexico. Then you read that you’ll need an FMM...
Mexico Residency Visa Requirements
February 8, 2021
Mexico Residency Income Requirements (2021)
The Mexico Residency Income Requirements are detailed in the following chart and have been updated as of 2021. This quick guide is meant to help you determine if you...
7 Mistakes Expats Make in Mexico
November 6, 2020
7 Mistakes Expats in Mexico Make
Moving to Mexico is exciting! Just make sure that while you’re focused on your new home, you avoid these mistakes expats make in Mexico. You want to make your...
August 21, 2020
How To Become A Resident in Mexico
Getting residency in Mexico is a pretty simple process. Yet, I see so many people who either think Mexico’s immigration laws are non-existent. Or I see people who know...