Mexico Residency Income Requirements 2023

Here are some updates on the Mexico residency visa income requirements for 2023.

Temporal/ Temporary Residency

  • Savings or Investments $52,000 USD a month for 12 months ($1,040,000 MXN/Yr)
  • Or​
  • Income ~$3,300 USD a month for 6 months ($62,000 MXN/Month)

Permanente/Permanent Residency

  • Savings or investments of $208,000 USD a month for 12 months ($4,140,000 MXN/Yr)
  • Or
  • Income/Pension of $5,400 USD a month for 6 months ($104,000 MXN/Month)

In most cases, these amounts are only for the main applicant.

If you’re a couple applying together, your spouse will need an additional $1,060 USD monthly to qualify. However, this also varies by consulate.

Inflation affected the whole world, including Mexico, which increased its minimum wage by 20% in 2023. A huge increase! And is the reason for the spike in these income requirements.

I’ve also broken down some of the Requirements for Residency in Mexico in this video.

Requirements By Consulate

Perhaps one of the most frustrating parts of the residency process in Mexico is that every Mexican Consulate has its way of doing things.

Some Mexican Consulates want you to book your initial appointment by email. At the same time, others may only accept appointments through Mexitel.

Add to this the fact that every Mexican Consulate seems to have individual income requirements for financial solvency. It’s hard to keep up with and sometimes impossible to find this information on your own.

But here’s my research, and I want to share it with you!

This is broken up by city, the amount needed for Temporary Residency through monthly income or savings.

The right 2 columns highlight Permanent Residency through monthly income or Permanent Residency through savings.

You only need to prove one, not both. And all income requirements are after taxes.

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CITYTemporary Residency IncomeTemporary Residency SavingsPermanent Residency IncomePermanent Residency Savings
Los Angeles$3,200$52,350N/AN/A
Las Vegas$3,111$51,860$5,186$207,440
Del Rio$3,300$53,700$5,550$215,000
El Paso$3,275$54,589N/AN/A
Toronto$4,500 CAD$72,000 CAD$7,200 CAD$286,000 CAD
Vancouver$4,615 CAD$76,919 CAD$7,692 CAD$307,675 CAD
Calgary$4,615 CAD$76,919 CAD$7,692 CAD$307,675 CAD
United Kingdom£2,677£44,614£4,461£178,457
Frankfurt€ 2478€ 41,316N/AN/A

These numbers are in USD unless otherwise noted for Canada or Europe. N/A means the consulate does not have their requirements updated or they did not give me these requirements when I asked for them.

Not all consulates have this new amount posted on their websites. In fact, most of them don’t update their websites at all! That is why I highly recommend working with a reputable immigration facilitator who can help you understand the exact requirements at the consulate you will be applying to.

It is also important that you keep in mind that these numbers were given to me by the consulates as of 2023, and it is still your responsibility to check with your local consulate for the accurate requirements for today, as these can change.

For spouses- the average amount needed each month is approximately $1,060 USD. However, this amount varies by consulate.

Every consulate operates differently. For example, most consulates will want you to be over 60 years of age or draw a pension or social security to grant you permanent residency.

Another nuance is consulates that require a letter from your employer stating you will continue working in Mexico while you live in Mexico.

Other Considerations

Another thing you should keep in mind is that my table doesn’t include qualifying for residency through Mexican homeownership. It’s another way to obtain a Temporary Residency if you can prove to a Mexican Consulate that your property in Mexico is worth at least ~$415,000 USD or 40,000 days times the minimum wage in Mexico (currently $207 Pesos).

But I didn’t include it because, in my experience, no consulate accepts this as the sole way of qualifying for residency in Mexico.

The chart also doesn’t consider those who may apply together with a spouse, which is usually an extra $1,060 USD in addition to the income requirement for the main applicant.

This entire process is explained in our Mexico Relocation Guide. I highly recommend it to save you hundreds of hours of research to figure out the most important pieces of your move to Mexico.

How I Gathered This Info

I’ve contacted a variety of Mexican Consulates and have also combed a lot of Mexican Consulate websites.

To help you determine if you are eligible for residency, these are some of the top consulates for which I have gotten income information.

But do keep in mind that these income requirements can change, and you must check with your local consulate when you apply for residency.

Also, keep in mind that these income requirements change every year. These are the income requirements for 2023. If you qualify for residency today but might not qualify next year, I encourage you to start your residency process sooner rather than later.

If You Need An Immigration Facilitator

If you need an immigration facilitator recommendation, please check out our COMPLETE Mexico Relocation Guide. In the online guide, you get a step-by-step plan to help you process your residency on your own, among other things that are included.

However, we know Mexican bureaucracy is hard to navigate on your own. And you may need additional help. So to help you even further, you also get our directory of recommended immigration contacts throughout Mexico.

There’s An Alternative If You Don’t Qualify!

Upset because you no longer qualify for residency due to increased income requirements?

Don’t give up! This is the solution. Find out if you qualify for the special regularization program in Mexico.

We Need YOUR Help

If you have been in touch with a Mexican Consulate that has given you their income requirements for 2023 and that consulate is not on this list, please forward that information to [email protected]

But please remember I can only publish that information if you forward the actual email from the consulate. Hearsay is not reliable enough.

Thank you!

Mariana Lange

Mariana Lima-Lange was born in Mexico and immigrated to the U.S. when she was a child. She spent every summer visiting family throughout Mexico and is very knowledgeable about Mexican culture, lifestyle, and traditions. She is fluent in both Spanish and English.

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  1. Karen Parks says

    Do the new income requirements for residency apply to everyone or are there different requirements for retired people and younger people who have not reached the retirement age?

    Thank you!

    • Mariana Lange says

      Great question. They apply to everyone regardless of age

      • Dona says

        I am 77 years old. My Social Security is $2,272/month what kind of residency am I eligible for?

        • Mariana Lange says

          Hi Dona. Please read the article. I have explained the two types of residency options and the income requirements for each. 😁

  2. Patti Howes says

    Hi Mariana! Thank you for for all the helpful information about Mexico you share with us about relocating to Mexico.
    With a temporary visa, do you have to re qualify financially when you renew every year?
    What is required to convert from temporary to permanent residency-is it pretty straightforward?
    We are planning a scouting trip for March, is there any benefit to applying for temporary residency before we go, or will the 6 months tourist visa suffice?
    Gracias in advance for your reply!

    • Mariana Lange says

      Hi Patti!
      My pleasure.

      -No- once you become a temporary resident you don’t have to show financials again to renew.
      -All the information on converting from temporary to permanent residency is laid out in an easy to follow plan in our Mexico Relocation Guide
      Including contact information for our recommended immigration facilitators around Mexico.
      -You can absolutely get your residency at the same time as your scouting trip. Our relocation tours are a great solution for you


    • Bob Travis says

      Is there a maximum number of days between step 1 (consulates approval) and starting step 2 in Mexico for residency? How early can step one be completed before traveling to Mexico?

      • Mariana Lange says

        Once you are pre-approved by the Mexican consulate, you can start the 2nd part of the process in Mexico (known as Canje) right away.
        You do have up to 180 days from when you are pre-approved to start the 2nd part of the process in Mexico.

  3. Ronald Greene says

    I sent an email to the
    CONSULADO GENERAL DE MÉXICO EN LOS ÁNGELES requesting the amount in U.S. dollars I would need to qualify for both temporary and permanent residency in Mexico. I sent the email around the second week of December 2021. Just before Christmas I received a reply, but the reply did not give me any information on the amount of income that I would to prove. The reply only stated that I would have to get an appointment at the consulate, after January 1st, 2022. I sent an additional email, again requesting information on the dollar amount to I would need satisfy the solvency requirement. The income information was not listed on their website. Is this common?

    • Mariana Lange says

      Yes. Very common.

      Things are changing very quickly within immigration and that includes the consulates. So sometimes you will get an answer, sometimes you will not. And sometimes you will get one answer, and then a different employee might give you a different answer.

      The last email I received from the Los Angeles Consulate stated I need the following income requirements
      USA Bank Statements with a minimum monthly ending balance of $42,500.00 USD of the last 12 months (One document per every single month (JAN 2021-JAN 2022); or

      Fideicomiso in original and current appraisal under ONLY applicant name with a value of $6,914,800.00 Pesos


      Proof of USA pension with a minimum monthly income of $2,600.00 USD of the last 6 months (One document per every single month)
      Note: If you receive a pension we need the SS benefit letter and the bank statements of the last six months where the deposit is shown under your correct name

      • Steve Wille says

        Mariana, thank you for your wonderful work in this area. My question is how do I calculate the minimum income requirement for me and my wife, claiming her as a dependent?

        One other probably stupid one. “Income in the last 12 months” Can that include income made while still in the States with a full time job, even if your intention is to quit that job and retire in Mexico, not working. Example: I’ve been in Mexico 1 month on a tourist visa and I apply for temporary resident and it asks for 12 months back income. My only possible response is to include my current pre- retirement income, which is much greater than we plan to receive in Mexico (about $2200 after tax in social security.)

        Steve Wille

  4. phil bates says

    can you email me your list of hotels with mailing address and phone # for your trip to lake chapala i would like to look into them thank you phil

    • David Mackenzie says

      I am a 75 year old Canadian Pensioner. Are the financial requirements for Mexican Residential Visas different for pensioners?

      • Mariana Lange says

        Unfortunately no David. Income requirements are the same regardless of pensioned, retired, or not.

  5. Scott Somley says

    Is every consulates monthly requirement different as previous????

    • Mariana Lange says

      Hi Scott
      Yes- every Mexican Consulate may have a slightly different income requirement than the one I published. Unfortunately, every Mexican Consulate abroad tends to operate a bit independently.


  6. kaley says

    Hola! Can my adult partner count as my dependent? Grasias!

    • Mariana Lange says

      Yes- but You would have to be legally married. Talk to an immigration facilitator for specifics on your situation


  7. Kathy Franklin says

    Does my house in Tennessee, fully paid for, count as an investment? I have $80,000 in savings before the sale of my house just before i sell It to come to live with my sister in Celestún. My monthly pension is $2484 per month. I want to be a permanent resident. I hope my house which will be sold for $350,000 counts as an investment

    • Mariana Lange says

      Your $80k in savings should be enough for temporary residency assuming you have at least that balance for the last 12 months

      • Triana says

        Does a house that is paid in full count as an investment, that can be used toward the PERMANENT residency total amount? (I am the owner of the house currently and no money is owed on it.) I have a lien release and an assessor’s valuation of the house.

  8. Barry P Grant says

    Hi Mariana…my wife (a Mexican citizen and married in Mexico) and I have lived in the US for the last 25 years… we are thinking about retiring to Mexico in the next 2-5 years… are the requirements for me to gain residency any less cumbersome (we would meet the income requirements) and how easy/difficult might it be for us to purchase a home?

    • Mariana Lange says

      Hi Barry!
      Great question. good news, because your wife is a Mexican National you do not need to provide financials and you can start the process in Mexico. You also immediately get temp residency for 2 years and are then eligible for permanent residency.

      If you want to hire a facilitator to help you through the process we have a directory of immigration facilitators in our Mexico Relocation Guide

  9. Catherine Laramee says

    Are the income requirements per person, or are they the requirements for a married couple? And savings as well?

  10. adriano siciliano says

    Hi there, My family and i are looking to relocate to mexico. so we are interested in getting our temporary residency. We currently live in Montreal Qc, Canada. And forsee ourselves moving to Playa del Carmen or Tulum area. We are looking for a immigration lawyer that can help us out with the whole process. Thanks

  11. C. Weinberger says

    Thanks for all of the great information.

    Quick question . . . my wife and I meet the savings requirements to apply for permanent residency, but, what can we do about getting a temporary residency permit for our 20 year old son? He is a full-time college student; so he doesn’t meet the monthly income requirement, and he hasn’t yet saved-up enough on his own to meet the temporary residency permit savings requirements?

    • Mariana Lange says

      He may be able to qualify as a dependent of yours- just depends on the consulate.
      If they allow it, you’ll likely need to prove an additional $1000 USD for your son

      If you need an immigration expert to help you, we have a directory of contacts in our online guide.

  12. Shealene says

    Hey Mariana

    How much did the solvency increase between 2021 and 2022 if at all. I’m planning on applying in 2023 and I need an idea of how much it could go up. I’m in Canada and at the moment it is 55,655 for temporary residency savings with an additional 1,115 for each dependant. Thanks so much

    • Mariana Lange says

      The solvency increased 22% from 2021 to 2022 because Mexico’s Minimum wage increased 22%. That’s the most it has ever increased, but sorry no one knows how much it will increase in 2023. Or if it will increase at all.

  13. Victor Fakunle says

    Hi Mariana,

    Thanks for the info. It was really insightful. My wife and I are expats living in Shanghai, China, and we intend to retire in Merida.

    Can we use our employment income to meet the benchmark for the Permanent Residency? Or must it be via a pension?

    Secondly, can you recommend an immigration lawyer to help with the process?

    • Mariana Lange says

      Hi Victor.
      Glad the tips were helpful.
      You can use employment income- but it all depends on which Mexican Consulate you go to. Not sure about the Mexican Consulate requirements in your vicinity in China.
      Most Mexican Consulates in the USA will accept your employment income. And no you don’t have to be pensioned to be accepted. As long as you meet the financial requirements after taxes

  14. Tiffany Mccadney says

    I live in Texas and I have dependants…this mean I have to have $2600 for myself monthly and additional $2k for my dependents?

    • Mariana Lange says

      It fully depends on the consulate you go to. Not all consulates in Texas have the same requirements. You should consult with your local consulate.

  15. Jennifer says

    Thank you for such a helpful article! My senior aged mother lives with me, as does my 9 year old daughter. We are from the U.S. and interested in getting temporary residency in Mexico. Do I have to provide separate income for both myself and for my mother or can it be combined? Thank you!

    • Mariana Lange says

      Fully depends on the consulate. Although your child should have to prove her own income.
      If you’d like helP from one of our recommended immigration facilitators they are included in our Complete Mexico Relocation Guide

  16. laurie meier says

    Hi Mariana,
    Question: We meet the requirements for one of us (me or my spouse) to become a permanent resident in Mexico. Once one of us has permanent residency, is it easy for the spouse to enter mexico as a tourist and then apply as a spouse/family member while in mexico and not have to meet other financial requirements? and become permanent resident as well? cheers

    • Mariana Lange says

      Hi Laurie
      If one of you qualifies for residency, then yes your spouse could apply from within Mexico through family unification. The process can be a bit tedious since you need to prove your marriage in Mexico and know the steps to take with the current appointment system. That’s why we recommend working with an immigration facilitator. If you need a recommendation we offer them in our COMPLETE Mexico Relocation Guide

  17. Norman says

    Hi Mariana,
    My wife and I are hoping to divide time between the US and MX for the next few years before I retire. If I’m able to live in Mexico and work remotely for my US employer, can I use my salary and current savings to apply and receive permanent residency even though it will be 3 more years or so before we will move permanently? And, with permanent residency are there any requirements around how much time each year we must live in Mexico?

    • Mariana Lange says

      You will need to have an income to show financial solvency when you apply, so yes you can use your current income when you apply. Once you get approved, you won’t have to show or prove that you still have this same income.
      Also, when you move to Mexico you don’t need to remain in Mexico for a determined amount of time to keep your residency active. As long as you are here for renewal if you have a temporary residency. With permanent residency you’d never have to renew again so you can leave as many times as you want.

    • Charles Weinberger says

      Many of the consulates require you to be fully retired before they will issue you PR. We are having issues because although I am fully retired, I am young for retirement (57 yo) and am not taking any Social Security benefits. Several of the consulates that I’ve contacted say that I must be able to “prove” that I’m retired, which is a difficult task as I’m not taking SS.

      • Mariana Lange says

        That’s okay Charles- if you don’t get permanent you can always get temporary. After 4 years you can apply for permanent.

        • Charles Weinberger says

          I’m just letting Norman know that he might face this issue.

      • Norman says

        Charles, that is what I keep seeing as well. PR requires pension or SS income. My savings and current salary exceed the requirements for PR, but I am not retired yet.

        I’m also concerned because my wife and I are both listed on several of our accounts, but not all. I’d like for she and I both to secure TR (or PR) during this visit. Should I expect issues?

        • Mariana Lange says

          If you qualify for permanente and aren’t pensioned if they require you to be, then they’ll give you temporary residency
          After 4 years you can apply for permanent residency in Mexico.

          • Norman says

            Thank you Mariana – one more question. As we are not yet retired, we will spend most of our time in the states until retirement when we plan still dividing time, but most of our time in Mexico. Does it make sense to go ahead and get our TR now? Or does our TR require us to have a permanent address in Mexico and spend a certain amount of time (or 100% of time) in Mexico?

          • Mariana Lange says

            You should absolutely secure residency now while you still qualify. You don’t have to live in Mexico full time to remain a resident. You just have to make sure you come back to renew it.

  18. Sharon Solieri says

    Hello…my husband and I seek Temporary Residency in Mexico. My income is $1800 per month. My husband gets $900 each month. We are both disabled. Do we meet the financial requirements for temporary residency in Mexico?

  19. John Abrams says

    I will be eligible for a retirement visa for sure. Can my adult son get a family unification visa after I get mine? Would there be an income requirement for him? Thank you.

    • Mariana Lange says

      Your adult son may have to qualify on his own because he is an adult. But there are exceptions depending on the consulate you work with.
      Talk to an immigration advisor. If you would like a recommendation, we offer them in our COMPLETE Mexico Relocation Guide

  20. Olivia Attal says

    Hello, thank you so much for this information! I have read that you need an original letter from your employer to justify your income, the thing is it’s my own company so can I make a letter for myself ? Then I have all the proof of the income on my bank account. Thanks a lot

    • Mariana Lange says

      Hi Olivia!
      Not every consulate requires a letter from your employer. This is on a per consulate basis.
      If they do require a letter from your employer, please reach out to the consulate and ask them what they will accept in lieu of not being traditionally employed but rather self-employed.
      In most cases, they will accept your bank statements as proof of having an income if you meet the income requirements.

      • Olivia Attal says

        Thanks a lot for your answer I will contact the consulate today !

  21. Megan G says

    We are considering relocating to Mexico and I can’t find information on this one detail. Our family that would be moving consists of myself, my husband, 2 of our children, and my mother. My husband and our children are Mexican citizens, how does this impact the immigration process for us?

    • Mariana Lange says

      If they are Mexican citizens you should apply for temporary residency at your nearest Mexican consulate with either your marriage certificate and their birth certificates.
      Although your mom will need to apply on her own through financial solvency

      • Megan G says

        Would it be possible for me to apply for permanent residency via family unity once we are in country, then apply for my mother via the same route once my application is granted?

        • Mariana Lange says

          Hi Megan
          You cannot apply for parents if you are over 18 and are married. Unless you can prove that your mom is under your care and might not be able to take care of herself.

          Another option is your mom may be able to apply on her own if she visited Mexico at least once between 2015-2020 without having to prove economic solvency.

          If you would like more information about the residency process- I have outlined a simple to follow step by step plan in our COMPLETE Mexico Relocation Guide. And I also have the facilitators that can help you through the process.

  22. Sharon Solieri says

    My husband and I are disabled and we had to take SSDI earlier for income. Now it has become Social Security. Because of our past health challenges will the Counsel approve temporary residence for us even though we cannot meet the financial requirements. I have hospital records to prove my medical problems that are now resolving. I lived in Mexico and had a small shop. If my income is 1800 and husband has 900 monthly, could we get a hardship consideration? Thank you

    • Mariana Lange says

      Hi Sharon
      Sorry but the consulates don’t consider medical bills as a way to lower income requirements. BUT- the McAllen TX consulate only requires you to make $1725 USD NET a month to qualify and you can then petition for your spouse.

      • Tiffany Mccadney says

        Do you by any chance know the dependent income amount for McAllen TX (kids)

  23. Tiffany says

    I have my appt with McAllen TX Mexico consulate in Aug…I can’t find the income requirements for dependents… when they email me my appt time…I asked twice and was ignored. Tried calling no answer…it’s so frustrating. Anyone with kids know the income requirements for that location?

  24. John says

    Hi. Great info. My wife and I are looking to move to Mexico probably in 3 to 4 years. We meet the income requirements for permanent residency. The question is about dependents. Our adult children have expressed interest in going maybe not immediately but at some point. Could they apply under me if I am living on a Permanent visa or would they have to apply on their own and meet seperate income requirements? Thanks

    • Mariana Lange says

      Hi John!
      If they are adults they cannot apply with you unless you are their caretaker

      They would have to qualify on their own. 😊


  25. Robert Pellegrini says

    Hi Mariana. Do I have to show balances strictly from bank accounts or can these be from the statements of taxable accounts (no 401k) at investment brokerages like Fidelity? That’s where my money is. And do these statements need to be signed and/or stamped by somebody at Fidelity? That wouldn’t be so easy. Thanks!

    • Mariana Lange says

      Hi Robert
      Yes you can show financial solvency through investments. And whether or not they need to be signed by your bank depends on which Mexican consulate you apply at

  26. Susan Sidrane says

    Hello Mariana – I’m applying for a temporary resident visa at the McAllen Consulate. Among other required documents, I’ve got originals/copies of bank statements, pay slips and an original company letter stating my current employment status. My appointment is on December 16th and I’ve been waiting 6 weeks for this appointment. I just watched your video and heard you say a company letter needs to specifically say that my job will continue while I’m living in Mexico. Mine doesn’t. Mine does say, however, that my employment duration is ongoing, I have the ability to work remotely, and shows my income is 3 times their requirement. In your opinion, do you think my employment letter will be considered acceptable? I work for a large, nationwide company and it took me months to get my employment letter and I don’t want to lose my Consulate appointment. I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Thanks much, Mariana! Susan

    • Mariana Lange says

      Hi Susan
      That letter should suffice. But to be absolutely sure I would ask the consulate directly what the letter needs to say so you don’t waste your time and your valuable appointment

  27. DM says

    I have both Mexican and US citizenship living in the US. Do the requirements also apply to individuals in my situation?

  28. Chris Toth says

    Thank you for all the help you give. I am about to retire and plan on living in Mexico about half the time with my wife. My wifes mother is still alive, a Mexican citizen born in Mexico and has her birth certificate. Can my wife take her mother to a Consulate and get her citizenship and then, can I get my temporary residency leading to permanent? Does this take a long time, is it expensive? Thanks again!

    • Mariana Lange says

      Hi Chris
      Yes, your wife can certainly get citizenship through her mother.
      The requirements vary by consulate.
      Please reach out to the consulate in your town to find out what their specific requirements are.

      If you or your wife would like help with your immigration process, we include the steps in our COMPLETE Mexico Relocation Guide. But because we know Mexican bureaucracy is hard to navigate on your own, we also include our directory of immigration facilitators in Mexico.
      When you buy the guide, you get instant access to the easy-to-follow steps, and also our complete directory.
      Find out what’s included here

  29. Gary Davis says

    Any word on florida numbers ?

  30. Tony Roebuck says

    Hi Mariana, I’m a little confused with this chart. In the Savings column for Temporary Residence, do you need to show you have a total of $52,000 in savings, or $52,000 investment income per year.

    • Mariana Lange says

      Either savings or a brokerage investment account

      • Tony Roebuck says

        But is that $52K in investment INCOME per year or simply $52K total in a savings or investment account?

        • Mariana Lange says

          That is $52k balance in either a savings account or investment minimum for the last 12 months.

  31. EZ says

    Hola Mariana, thank you for your information about residency requirements for Mexico. You have saved us a lot of legwork.

    My question is, must one be retired to be considered for permanent residency even if they meet the economic requirements?

    I read somewhere not all US Mexican Consulates require “retired” status. Is that true? And if true, which US Mexican Consulates are those?

    Again, thank you for this valuable information.

    • Mariana Lange says

      My pleasure!

      • EZ says

        Oh, and about my question…

        Do you have to be retired to be considered for permanent residency even if you meet the economic requirements?


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