Where to Retire in Mexico on Social Security

If you comply with the visa and residency requirements, it is absolutely possible to retire to Mexico and continue receiving social security payments. Most expats qualify for a residency visa if they can show a regular income and have enough savings to meet any financial eligibility criteria.

Merida city center

Numerous towns and cities in Mexico are highly affordable, with popular retirement destinations for social security recipients, including San Miguel De Allende, Ajijic, and Puerto Vallarta.

While we’d always recommend you be aware of the tax implications of relocating as a retiree, we’ll look at some of the best places to live in Mexico, blending a high quality of life with low living costs that mean your retirement income stretches further.

Retiring in Mexico and Claiming Social Security Payments

Money needed to retire in Mexico
How much money is needed to retire in Mexico

The rules are straightforward, and if you are eligible to receive social security benefits from the US or Canada, you’ll still be able to access those payments in Mexico.

Depending on the type of visa you apply for, you might be asked to offer evidence of other savings to cover your living costs. Still, you can access social security payments by requesting your social security be deposited into a Mexican bank or by transferring or withdrawing your funds.

Whether you aspire to retire next to a quiet, tranquil beach along the Caribbean coastline, dream of spending your days close to Lake Chapala, or are looking to embrace the expat lifestyle in Tijuana, there are countless locations to choose between.

Today, we’re focusing on affordability, so we’ve shortlisted some top places to consider, with a snapshot of the average outgoings you might expect.

Living Costs in San Miguel De Allende

With year-round sunshine, low crime rates, and gorgeous architecture, San Miguel De Allende is a great place for retirees who love art, culture, and cuisine. There is a thriving expat community with foreign nationals from no less than sixty-three countries living in the city, with a modern shopping district for all the amenities.

cute rental in San Miguel de Allende
cute rental in San Miguel de Allende

The average price per square foot is $122, and rental prices are roughly $881 USD for a one-bedroom apartment.

Most retirees require a budget of approximately

  • $1,780-$2,000 per month
  • Gallon of gas costing around $5
  • Monthly utilities about $52
  • Meals for two people in a local, mid-range restaurant $36.

Retiring in Ajijic, Mexico

Ajijic is often considered a haven for retirees, with an idyllic climate, welcoming community, and expatriates from around the world. The town is set in an area of natural beauty next to the shores of Lake Chapala in the state of Jalisco.

the cost of maintaining a house in Mexico is lower compared to the U.S.
Maintenance on a house in Mexico is lower than in the U.S.

While the town is small and peaceful, with a population of just over 11,000, it is far from dull, with vibrant festivities and parades throughout the year. The National Chili Cook-Off has been held in Ajijic since 1978 and draws thousands of visitors.

Life in Ajijic is affordable

  • With one-bedroom central rental properties costing an average of $818
  • A taxi journey costs less than a dollar
  • Monthly utilities are roughly $40
  • And if you choose to join a local fitness club, you’ll pay around $23 a month.

Affordable Living in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is slightly pricier than some of the smaller towns but is a clean, contemporary, and charming city based in a perfect spot right next to the beach. There is a huge amount to do, and if you’re looking for convenience and tranquility, you can reduce your living costs by living a little out of the Romantic Zone or any popular neighborhood.

  • Renting a three-bedroom property in Puerto Vallarta costs between $1,358 and $2,088 a month, depending on the location.
  • Or renting tends to cost $1,111 a month for a central residence
  • Or $588 further out.
  • The basic utilities cost around $100 a month.
  • And most expats have a budget of up to $2,500 to cover all their costs.  

Looking for a go-to guide on all things retirement in Mexico? We’ve got you covered–check out our resources today! And if you’re ready to make the move to Mexico, why not go on a private Mexico relocation tour.

The kind of tour that shows you what living in a particular city of Mexico is like and led by a local who knows the city inside and out. That way you get a realistic idea of your life in Mexico.

Mariana Lange

Mariana Lima-Lange was born in Mexico and immigrated to the U.S. when she was a child. She spent every summer visiting family throughout Mexico and is very knowledgeable about Mexican culture, lifestyle, and traditions. She is fluent in both Spanish and English.

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