Digital FMMs in Mexico (Aka eFMM)

When you travel to Mexico from a foreign country, you are either coming in as a tourist, a resident, or a citizen.

And for as long as I have been alive and can remember my travels to and from Mexico in the last 37 years, you have always needed that piece of paper, known as an FMM, if you are traveling to Mexico as a tourist. And in some cases, when you are a resident- if you exchange your residency stamp for a card. Also known as Canje.

But changes are happening in INM (Mexico’s Immigration Authority), and paper FMMs may be a thing of the past.

A paper FMM

What Does This Mean?

You’re probably familiar with the Forma Migratoria Multiple better known as FMM form.

You can get one if you enter Mexico by land or air. If you are flying, your airline usually supplies you with the form before departing or arriving in Mexico. (*Your airline includes this fee on the cost of your ticket. 🎫)

If you are traveling by car or walking across the border by land, you must process your own FMM tourist visa at the border or buy it online ahead of time.

But as of 2023 Both Residents and Tourists now get an eFMM (digital FMM) instead of the paper FMM when coming through international airports.

Something that a lot of us aren’t used to. So, how does it work?

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What To Do At Immigration At The Airport

You can always count on Mexican bureaucracy to be messy when they roll out something new. And rolling out a simple procedure like this is no exception.

Most likely because the immigration agents handling the people that come through are sometimes the last ones to be trained on the new process. Sometimes, you and I will be experts at this before they receive any formal training. That’s typical Mexico.

What does this mean for you right now?

Immigration booth at the airport

There is an online portal where you can create an account and upload your documents (passport or residency card), proof of address, and other requirements.

It will then give you a QR code which ends up being your future digital FMM– that you present to INM.

If You Are a Tourist

They will take your passport and digitally give you an FMM in the system, stamp your passport, and send you on your way.

Most of the time, you will automatically get 180 days. Not always, but most of the time.

you should download and print your digital FMM as a tourist. You will need a printed copy when you are checking in to depart Mexico. Create an account to download a copy on this website,

Also, you only have 60 days to download and print this FMM before it is no longer available. So we recommend printing it as soon as you can. Throughout Mexico, you will find Internet cafes or other places where you can print a document if you don’t have access to a printer.

If You Are Coming in for CANJE

Depending on the airport, there are two ways you might get your FMM.
Although MOST international airports in Mexico are now only issuing an eFMM.

If you are given an FMM stamp instead of a paper FMM, make sure immigration marks “canje” on the stamp in your passport. And you will be asked to scan a QR code that will take you to this website, where you will need to create an account and validate your passport to get your digital FMM or eFMM.

Check example below

This is the digital FMM.
  • However, most people coming through any other international airport that is not issuing the FMM stamp are usually given the paper FMM- and with the checkmark for “canje” on it. It is still VERY IMPORTANT that you check for the words “canje” on your stamp or your FMM if you are a resident coming into Mexico for the 1st time with the intent of exchanging your residency stamp for a card.

You Have 60 Days to Print It

It will only be available on the INM website for 60 days after your entry.

Make sure to download it, especially if you will be doing your canje in Mexico, or plan to stay longer than 60 days.

As a returning resident

you must show your Temporary or Permanent Resident Card and passport. Returning residents don’t need an FMM to enter Mexico.

Example For Canje Stamp

This is a stamp in your passport stating you have been authorized to enter and for how long. dates in Mexico are formatted DD/MM/YYYY

Land Borders

And if you’re wondering, as far as I know- land borders are still issuing paper FMMs. So, please don’t forget to go to INM at the border if you are coming in for canje or if you’re a tourist. If you’re a resident, it is not necessary.

If you have more information regarding this process, please comment below and pay it forward. Let us know what you’ve experienced with this new digital FMM. Please give as much detail as possible about the steps you experienced.

Mariana Lange

Mariana Lima-Lange was born in Mexico and immigrated to the U.S. when she was a child. She spent every summer visiting family throughout Mexico and is very knowledgeable about Mexican culture, lifestyle, and traditions. She is fluent in both Spanish and English.

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  1. Andrew says


    Another great article. Great source and always professionally delivered.

    Columbians = Colombians.


  2. Susan Elizabeth Bowron says

    Thank you so much for the information. These details are really important.

    • Susan Booth says

      ¡Sí, sí, sí! When I arrived at QRO airport, I was delayed for over an hour, closer to two hours, because the immigration officer had ignored my partial Visa for temporary residency and di not give me the canje I requested. That was tough, because I was in pain after over 12 hours of traveling & just wanted to get “home” to SMA😢 It took so long that I was in tears by the time it was finally straightened out. The wonderful gentleman that was assisting me, as I traveled with necessary wheelchair assistance from gate to gate and entrance to entrance, received a generous tip for staying with me for well over an hour. He had missed assisting other passengers, and I felt that was earned. I appreciate the kindness and assistance!
      Always stand your ground and be sure you ask for – and receive – that which you deserve! Had I not, it would’ve been a big problem for me.

      • Mariana Lange says

        Great example of someone who made sure they stood their ground. Thank you for sharing Susan

        • James says

          Hi Mariana, very kind of you to provide such a useful article, thank you.
          Regarding coming to Mexico City this year for Canje. I’m rather confused about how the eFMM works. Is it ok to create the account now before I leave home and then after I get the passport stamped, then search for my name to find the eFMM and download it to my phone? Have I got that right?
          Once I’ve downloaded it, what do I have to do with it? I understand I will make an appointment to exchange my visa for a resident card but what should I do with the eFMM please?

        • pete says

          i forgot to turn in my fmm since 2019
          actually i didnt know i had to since it was my first visit to mexico.
          what reprocusions am I looking at
          thank u

  3. Terry Glenn says

    Excellent timely article. Thank you!

    We have temporary residency and will fly to Miami from Guadalajara next Sunday.
    I’ll share our experience with you.
    Terry Glenn

    • Terry Glenn says

      When we flew out of Guadalajara airport to Miami on Volaris having Temporal Residencia on August 7th, they were still using the FFM forms so we had to check in with INM to fill out the FFM and have it stamped and Volaris collected the FFM prior to boarding.

  4. KSR says

    I wonder how people will be given these QR codes ? For people that have a smart phone they could get you to load the QR code into your phone, but what will they do for those folks that don’t have smart phones -give them a paper copy of their QR code ? These could easily get misplaced or lost.

    Also, should we be concerned about the security/privacy of these QR codes ? Anybody with a QR code scanner could presumably scan your code and subsequently find out some private, sensitive information about you.

    • Mariana Lange says

      A lot of it is unknown right now. But great questions

  5. Kathleen says

    Thanks again for keeping things current. I plan on coming into Mexico late this year.

  6. Jo Counts says

    Does this now include flights into and out of Mexico City?


  7. Pop says

    Why did Colombians have this electronic FMM before? Is there some specical agreement or program between MEX and COL where Colombians get special treatment, of have some kind of inside track on immigration processes?

    That reminds me to ask, do you know what temp/perm Visa income requirements are at the Bogota consulate?

  8. Pam Daly says

    Thank you for keeping us so up to date Mariana!
    Love all the information.
    We are planning on moving to the Riviera Maya early next year and thankful for all the tips.

    • Mariana Lange says

      you are very welcome

    • Lisa says

      Hey Mariana! Last month I flew to Cancún and the airline gave me a paper FMM. At the passport control they stamped my passport and I was allowed to stay 180 days. I handed in the FMM but the “police officer” said that it’s no longer necessary. When I left México at Cancún airport, there was no border control and I didn’t get any stamp in my passport and nobody asked (of course) for the FMM.
      Is everything fine like that? No exit stamp, nothing? How do they know I left? They scanned my passport when entering my home country in the European Union but that doesn’t effect México I guess..

      • Mariana Lange says

        Because you now have a digital FMM, they shouldn’t need to register your exit. However, I still recommend going to INM to register and see what they are doing that week. These changes take time to get fully adopted by the right people (aka immigration reps)

        • Lisa says

          Thank you!

  9. pam says

    Hi Mariana, thank you for the info. I am wondering, when entering Mexico with my Temp Res Visa for canje, how do I fill out boxes 7 & 8 on the FMM?

  10. Derrick Elliott says

    I am traveling to Mexico to complete part 2 of the temporary residency application process based on marriage to a Mexican national. I was told that upon arrival in Mexico, I should make sure my passport is stamped indicating that I cannot stay for more than 30 days. My questions are: #1 Do I have to remain in Mexico for 30 days? I’m only planning to be there for 7 days. #2 Do I indicate on the FMM card that I will be there for 30 days or 7 days? #3 If my passport is stamped, do I still need to complete the FMM card? #4 Once the temporary residency is granted, will I be required to pay Mexican taxes (all of my income is and will be earned outside of Mexico)?

    • Mariana Lange says

      Hi Derrick
      This sounds like the questions you should be talking with an immigration facilitator with. Because depending on the city you do your 2nd part of the process in, it may not be done in 7 days or less.
      If you need a recommendation please check out our COMPLETE Mexico Relocation Guide


    Thank you again for sharing up-to-date “ever-changing” information.

  12. CJOW says

    My daughter arrived in Cancun airport from Costa Rica on Aug 20th, received a stamp in passport, travelled by bus to a few states, then worried because everyone else she met seemed to have a paper FMM, and she thought she must have lost hers, so read up online, (didn’t see the info about new procedures) reported her FMM lost to a local INM office (she showed them her passport with stamp) who sent her to file a police report for a lost FMM and come back. Returned back to INM with the police report hoping to get replacement FMM but they told her to go to a different immigration office 5 hours away by car which she couldn’t do. So….she will be leaving on a flight via Mex City in a few days. Will it suffice to turn up to the airport for check-in with passport book and stamp? Or because she started the process of reporting a lost FMM, will she need an FMM paper form? So much confusion and running around! But yes, ultimately will be a much easier system once all are used to it.

  13. Reyna says

    We are flying to Mexico City in a few days and we are flying with American airlines and i ready somewhere else that the airline already charged us for the FMM fee when we paid for our tickets. My question is, do we still have to fill the FMM card online, because i would have to pay again. The other thing is that is is not giving us the correct port of entry. When i tried to fill it out Aeropuerto Internacional de Mexico Benito Juarez is not on the list and I tried it on different websites.

    • Mariana Lange says

      When you purchase an airline ticket you have already paid for an FMM. you don’t need to pay for it again.
      I would not process any FMM online before arriving. Most of the time they won’t accept them at immigration and you’ll have to fill it out again in person anyway. If you are flying into Mexico City, you don’t need to fill out the paper FMM anymore. The airline may give you a paper FMM bit when you get to immigration they’ll probably just toss it. They are doing it digitally in Mexico City now

      • Chuck says

        I recently arrived in Mexico City and received the receipt. It has on it the instructions to register but when trying to upload the PP it can not validate?? I tried several times with deferent angles of the PP with no success. Any advise.

  14. Maggie says

    Thanks for the timely info, Mariana. Departing from Mexico City airport today with my permanent residency card and had no idea about the change. Went to the INM desk and the agent was very rude. When I asked about the stamp for my FMM, he just said no, with zero explanation that the form is no longer needed. So I went to the internet and found your article about the change. Glad I didn’t start an argument with him.

    • Mariana Lange says

      You did the right thing not to lose your temper. 😀
      Glad I could help you

  15. Milana says

    Hello . Thank you for information.
    Tell me please ESA it’s same as FMM?

  16. blueberry says

    Dear Mariana,
    I am somewhat obsessive. What happens if I loose my passport that contains the stamp FMM? Of course, I report to the police and to the embassy of my country. But what is next? Please discuss in some detail. Thank you.

  17. Katrina says

    And what happens to those who do not want a QR code??? Do you know if there is an option to do the process on paper?

    • Mariana Lange says

      There is not.

  18. Dan says

    Two questions:

    1. I am coming into Mexico City airport with Temporary Residency. Do I enter the immigration line Mexicans or Foreigners?

    2. I left Mexico thru a land border at Texas and wasn’t given an exit FMM just a stamp. Will this matter?

    • Mariana Lange says

      You come in through the foreigners line. And when you leave Mexico through a land border it is less important to register your exit with INM than at an airport. You will be ok

      • Dan says

        Okay several people from Mazatlan told me with their Temporary Residency and Permanent Residency when they flew thru Mexico City they went in the Mexicans line.

        I’m not coming in to get my TR I got it last year so not canje.

        • Mariana Lange says

          Okay- then try that and see what happens. Worst thing that can happen is they tell you to go through the foreigners line

  19. Adam says

    Before I read this great article, I created an account on the portal before arriving to CDMX as a Temporary Resident. What type of problems should I expect??

    “DO NOT create an account on this portal until you have been registered by immigration. It could cause problems for you.”

    • Mariana Lange says

      Because a lot of people are filling them before actually coming to Mexico to process their Canje. And this can cause problems getting your FMM for canje such as not being able to find you in the system when you are ready to do your canje. Only fill it out after arriving

      • Justin T Schweitzer says

        I did the same thing – created and account and uploaded my passport info before I read the message to NOT create an account –

        When I get to the INM will this just cause an inconvenience or will it totally mess up my whole process?

        • Mariana Lange says

          We recommend this to our audience especially if you are working with a facilitator. Mostly because a lot of people make mistakes on the eFMM and then correcting the issues isn’t easy

  20. ANDREW LASNER says

    Mariana, I depart from Merida next week to Houston and I am a Permanent Resident. Do you know where the IMM is located at this airport, and have they changed to digital FMM’s or still using paper? Any help is appreciated.

    • Mariana Lange says

      Merida is still using paper FMMs last I know. INM is usually always located right after the security area in the international gate at most airports.

  21. Paul says

    Hello, I am Congolese. I would like to visit Mexico so how do I complete the FMM for air me.

  22. Mike F says

    You advised registering for an eFMM as a tourist but for Canje you say to wait until you are invited to register. That’s confusing if had already registered as a tourist and have an account? Please clarify what you mean?

  23. John K Owens says

    Hi I have been trying to complete the FMM Form on line, but each time I complete the first section and go to method of entry it only allows “By Land” and does not allow “By Air”. I am travelling from Edmonton to Huatulco on Westjet. I have completed the form on line before with no problems -has there been a change for Huatulco – it is not on the list of Airports that do not require an FM.

    • Mariana Lange says

      Please don’t worry about filling it out ahead of time. You can do it at the airport.

  24. Cate says

    I entered at on January 11, 2023 and received only a small slip of paper with a QR Code. (Not like the one you show.) That takes you to a website, which asks you to upload your passport and fill in the information. Then once it accepts that, there’s a button to download the FMM, BUT THIS DOESN’T WORK. When you begin again, there isn’t the option to download an FMM. Very frustrating, because I have no idea how long my visa is. I spent three hours doing this and gave up. I’ll see what happens when I leave the country. Honestly, the new system is a hassle.

    • Mariana Lange says

      Hmmm- sounds like maybe you have a pop up blocker?

    • Bryce says

      Same issue for me, and flying out on Sunday. What happened when you exited?

      • Tony says

        I just spent a week in Cancun. When I arrived, I went through the “digital” lane and only got a printed receipt telling me to go to that website and download something before I left or I would not be able to leave. I totally forgot about it. When I left Cancun airport yesterday, they just checked my passport and boarding pass and sent me on my way. I was looking online right now to see if something would happen since I forgot but apparently not.

    • Steve says

      I am in the same situation, having worked through the instructions posted at, creating an account at with email and password, and having it verified by subsequent email. Filled out the form and uploaded an image of my passport which all seemed to complete successfully.

      But now I don’t see any option to download the resulting QR code which apparently comprises my completed eFMM. Guess I’ll just go to the airport tomorrow and see what happens!

      • Mariana Lange says

        If the section “generar FMMD” isn’t an option on the main menu it is possible that you may have entered the wrong information.
        This could be something like the wrong date of issue on your passport or wrong expiration date or something like this.

      • Jeremy G says

        Feb 10, 2023 – I used the brand new automated kiosks in Mexico City, Terminal 1 international arrivals migration area. It is incredibly smooth/quick using the kiosks and the machine gave me 180 days automatically. The kiosk prints out an “e-receipt” saying you need to go online, set up an account and then formally “enter the country” electronically which you will use to exit. CONFUSING! The automated kiosk receipt though mimics that of what will be the new electronic FMM “receipt.”

        BUT – I am having the same problem as Steve now. Did everything correctly setting up my account but then after I logged in, I did not see my latest entry but I did see the entry one month prior. I thought, “oh great, here we go, typical.” So I am flying back tomorrow, not super concerned because I do think the entire process now is electronic on their system and connected with the airlines (or something), but nonetheless the current state of things with this electronic transition is pure anxiety.

        Will report back what happens!

      • CF says

        I flew in to Mexico City on 2/26. I was sent to the automated line and received a digital receipt with the QR code. My passport was scanned but no one stamped it (or another other US tourists in the automated line. I left on 3/2 from Leon. Three airport employees allowed me through with just the receipt. I was stopped at the ramp because I had no stamp. I was lucky to have a nice agent run me to the immigration office which processed a traditional paper form. I made my flight. I still have no stamp in my Passport. I suggest refusing the automated line unless they are stamping passports especially if you plan to return via a different, regional airport.

  25. Alan Glasscock says

    Hi Mariana,
    I am flying to GDL and tried to do the online FMM, but the box requesting the point of entry to Mexico did not include the GDL airport. I read somewhere that some airports do not require a FMM. Is this true for GDL?

    • Mariana Lange says

      You don’t have to do it before arriving in Guadalajara. When you arrive, you will be told what to do by immigration.

      • Chris Barker says

        As stated in multiple places, Mexican bureaucracy is not ver good at rolling out new systems!

        I entered México at the México city Airport from the US a week ago.

        I scanned my passport, and it let me in with facial recognition— no stamp, no human interaction.

        The machine gave me a piece of paper with a QR code telling me to get an eFMM. The code led me to a website that was both totally confusing and seemingly broken.

        At the airport and on the plane now to return — no problems yet, and one official told us “it is broken”. Not sure exactly what is broken. I think they have gone to fully electronic system at some airports without telling anyone. But no one scanned our passports either— they looked at them, but no questions about lack of stamp either.

        • Jeremy G says

          Thanks for posting this Chris! I am having the exact same experience as you after following their directions on the kiosk print out with QR code. I have logged in multiple times and it ironically has one of my previous entries in December, but not the one where I used the automated kiosk in February (mexico city just like you.)

          Our best guess is that it IS actually going all electronic even for departure (system connected with the airlines finally?!) but at this point it is somewhat anxiety inducing because all regulars know, expect the unexpected.

          I will say those Kiosks removed all entry anxiety though! For anyone interested in using them they are at the VERY END of the immigration hall past the Mexican citizen line. There is a sign above it that says “US, CANADIAN, MEXICAN CITIZENS. You will be confused the first time without a doubt – but if possible ask someone where are the automated kiosks and they can direct you.

  26. Joshua says

    Hi. I flew into CDMX last week and they made all Americans/Canadian go through the automatic kiosk and I got a receipt printed about the FMMD. They didn’t stamp my passport (strange?). I didn’t really read the receipt until 2 days ago and signed up for the Portal INM. I got my passport verified but my landing information did not show up and it appears I cannot manual add it.. I am worried when I get to the airport to leave I have nothing to show them for departure. Anyone have any experience?

    • Joshua says

      Sorry! I finally read the comments above. Looks like everyone has the issue, but still able to leave without fuss?

  27. TanyaJ says

    Flew in to CUN on Feb 19 and leaving today, Feb 23 (also 5 weeks prior). The website is still frustrating and buggy. We did not have to turn in or scan any forms to return to the US.

  28. Tom W says

    I have the same situation as above. I came into MEX city on January 20th, got a QR code, signed up for an account, uploaded my passport information, but the digital Migratory Form was not available. When I tried to exit on January 29th, they wouldn’t give me my boarding pass because I didn’t have the form printed out and they wouldn’t accept that I had tried but it doesn’t work. They sent me to the immigration office and I had to pay the approx. $35 fee to get a paper copy of the form. Now I’ve entered again on March 2nd, got the QR code, but still doesn’t show in my account. Very frustrating and will likely have to pay again to get out of the country.

  29. Helen says

    Hmmm I didn’t know about this new procedure so I didn’t create an account or fill anything online before my flight. I just went to Mexico City, and the immigration officer stamped my passport and asked when am I flying back. I left Mexico City yesterday and no one asked me for anything. Checked-in, passed security, and boarded the plane. I am now wondering how will they know I left the country? No residency, just a tourist visit.

    • Mariana Lange says

      Hi Helen
      You don’t have to fill anything out before your flight. Can you point me where in the article you saw that. I want to make sure it’s not confusing to someone else.

    • Mel says

      Hello Helen,
      I experienced the same situation when travelling to Monterrey. Now I intend to fly there again but got very insecure. Can anyone help me? If I have to fill out a form, which one should it be and how???

      • Mariana Lange says

        What are you insecure about. There is nothing to worry about.
        The process for obtaining an FMM at an international airport is very straightforward 😊
        When you land, you will have to pass through the immigration agents. When it is your turn, you have to show them your passport.
        If you are a resident, give them your resident card and your passport. They will scan it and send you on your way.
        If you are a tourist, show them your passport. They will scan it and give you a QR code so you can download your FMM and print it
        If you are a new resident coming for Canje, show them your residency stamp in your passport. They will scan it, verify it in their system, and stamp your passport with 30 days. Then they’ll ask you to scan a QR code so you can download and print your FMM. You will need this to get your residency card

  30. Kunal says

    Hello Mariana,

    I’m very confused now 🙂
    I am a US Citizen, flying in to Mexico City end of April 2023 for Canje and I have the Resident Visa stamped on my passport.
    Do I need to go through the process of opening an account, downloading the FMM form, printing it our or should I simply get a form from the airline or at the airport and fill it out?
    Do I need the FMM at Mexico City airport at all?
    If there is no form required at the airport, will there be an issue with the Canje process?


    • Mariana Lange says

      As someone coming in for Canje, yes you need to download the FMM and print it. But it doesn’t need to be done at the airport.
      You will be asked to scan a QR code to create an account and that is where you download your FMM.

      • Kunal says

        Thanks so much for your response Mariana,
        Just so that I understand it well for my Canje:

        1) I do not need to create an account prior to travel, but wait until I arrive at the MEX airport and the authorities give me the QR code to create an account. Is my understanding correct?
        2) I can leave the airport, and later create an account and then download the FMM before going to INM office for Canje. Is my understanding correct?


        • Mariana Lange says

          correct 🙂

  31. Kunal says

    Hello Mariana,

    Thanks so much for your guidance.

    Just got my Residency Card + CURP at MEX (Mexico City) office today (April 25th, 2023) and wanted to share my experience.

    1) After arrival at MEX airport, there was no need for FMM or Customs Card.
    2) I told them to mark my visa for CANJE, which they did without any questions.
    3) There was a QR code at each immigration counter for the FMM for people like me needing CANJE; The QR code did not work as I did not have wireless connection. I was told not to bother and get it done later.
    4) MEX – INM has 2 options now (keep in mind that this can change any time)

    a. Option 1:

    i. The INM opened at about 9:45pm on April 24th. It is usually around 10 pm (yes, at night).
    ii. To secure a spot for next morning April 25th, I was advised to stand in line between 4-5 pm late afternoon.
    iii. I had someone stand in line for me from 4pm onwards, whom I met at 9pm and handed over the passport; The other forms had already been filled out (please consult your advisor)
    iv. My representative went in at 9:45pm and came out after 15 minutes, securing me an interview for next morning at 9am and assuring me that I would have everything completed with 1-3 hours next morning.
    v. I met him again at 8:45 am, April 25th and he went in at 9am with the payment and the papers for administrative actions. To avoid credit card issues, I paid him via paypal and he used his credit card and also I wasn’t inside to sign the card payment
    vi. He came out after 30 mins and handed me back the passport and admin. papers and payment receipt
    vii. Then I went in alone and stood in a very short line. This is because appointments were given on 30 min slots
    viii. They gave me a CURP on a piece of paper and asked me to follow the simple green arrows to the 2nd floor
    ix. I got my fingerprinting, pics taken, couple of simple questions and was out with Residency Card in hand by 11am

    b. Option 2:

    i. The INM opens at about 9 am
    ii. To secure a spot for the same day afternoon, stand in line at about 2-3 am
    iii. You can enter at 9am and request an interview for same day after 1pm. No guarantees.
    iv. The afternoon timing (I have been told) slows down after the morning rush and there is a possibility of not being able to finish interview / fingerprinting etc. & receiving the card on same day.

    I am not and expert or an advisor. Just sharing my experience with others 🙂

  32. Baptiste says

    Last month I have crossed the border from El Paso to Juarez. I got my passport and paper FMM stamped (was also givent back the salida half pf the FMM).

    I have left Mexico though Guadalajara airport. Before boarding I have visited the immigration booth at the airport and got my passport stamped with SALIDA written manually on the stamp.
    However, the same immigration officer did not keep my FMM and has returned it to me. I still have it with me now and am quite confused whether this is normal or not.

    Do you have any idea of what is going up?

    • Mariana Lange says

      If you visited the immigration offices at the GDL airport, you are fine. They have registered your exit. They don’t always take your FMM back 😉

  33. Valerie Mejia says

    Hi Mariana,

    I’m slightly confused about the part mentioning the “proof” that you visited Mexico once or twice in the past. We were there once in 2022. Do we use our stamped passports as that proof? And does, “once or twice” mean it varies by which consulate we go to, or is just once enough?

    Thank you for this invaluable information!!!

    • Mariana Lange says

      Hola! Yes the stamp in your passport would be proof you were in Mexico in 2022.
      If you are referring to the RNE program, please visit this page to understand the requirements. And if you need help, we recommend hiring a good immigration facilitator who is very familiar with the RNE program. If you need a recommendation, we give you our list of recommendations when you purchase the complete Mexico Relocation Guide

  34. Janet says

    Hi, I have obtained my temporary residency in Mexico, but I forgot to obtain the stamp upon leaving the country. I am aware that this oversight may cause issues during my next visit to Mexico. Could you please suggest what I should do to rectify this situation? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    • Mariana Lange says

      It’s not a big deal. Most airports don’t ask you to register your exit anymore. And you don’t have to register your exit at land borders unless you want to apply for citizenship in the future.
      Just don’t make a habit of it, and next time you come in make sure you register your entry if you are driving. If you are flying it is done automatically.

  35. Liz says

    So if one couldnt meet the visas qualifications and wanted to overstay to eventually get the temp visa…will these work? Asking as someone who has no prior fmms in 2024

    • Mariana Lange says

      No- you would need to prove you came to Mexico at least once before 2022. If you never visited Mexico before, this program would not apply to you. Sorry

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