Why You Should Consider A Mexico Relocation Tour

No one is going to experience a place as you will. No amount of Facebook groups, videos, or blog posts can show you what only your eyes and senses will observe.

That’s why you need to do a relocation tour of the city you plan to move to before packing your things and just moving there.

And we can help you do just that. We have private Mexico Relocation Tours in a variety of cities.

We thought about doing group relocation tours, but I realized that many people want to see beaches or cities, and those are too far from each other to make it easy in a week.

Instead, I decided to focus on private relocation tours in Mexico, that way you get to see the cities you are interested in the most.

And as a customer, you get access to our amazing directory of contacts across Mexico that can help you with a variety of legal things like immigration, buying health insurance, renting a place, buying real estate, getting a driver’s license, registering a car in Mexico, moving your household goods, opening a bank account and so many other tasks.

You can even schedule a few of these meetings during your relocation tour, to take advantage of your travel plans and get some things off your list.

During a private relocation tour, you will also get to do some fun things!

Like seeing some very interesting places, and getting to eat where the locals eat. Your tour guide can show you where the locals hang out and how to eat out inexpensively. That way you get to see how you can afford a better life in Mexico!

But if you also want to see some high-end places, your tour guide can show you that as well. After all, it’s not all about eating tacos every day. Mexico is full of a variety of different neighborhoods, restaurants, shopping options, and entertainment for all budgets.

You’ll get to see what a Mercado is like. What a tianguis is like. Or what your local grocery store is like. And actually do some comparisons.

The goal is to give you a taste of what it’s actually like to live in a specific city.

Like Ajijic, where the weather is perfect at 70 degrees year-round, you have the scenic malecon facing the gorgeous Lake Chapala with Mount Garcia in the background.

And if you want to see a bustling city but are also interested in a small town, your tour guide can arrange that. It may be a multi-day tour, but you will get to see both a city and a small town.

It takes a lot of time and effort to plan this kind of scouting tour on your own. So, why not hire someone else to take the wheel who knows how to get around a specific city. Someone who is a local and will happily show you the pros and cons of a specific place in Mexico.

All you have to do is plan how to get to Mexico, book your accommodations, and pay for your meals. But you won’t have to worry about renting a car, or figuring out how to get a taxi everyday to drive you around, or even trying to park. Your local tour guide, is the local expert. In a short time, they can give you a good overview of the city.

This is when I’d highly suggest hiring one of our recommended private relocation tours. We have them in various parts of Mexico like:

We have Private Tour Guides for:

  • Lake Chapala and Ajijic
  • Mexico City
  • Guadalajara
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Bucerias
  • Nuevo Vallarta
  • San Miguel de Allende
  • Guanajuato
  • Leon
  • Rosarito
  • Ensenada
  • Merida
  • Progreso, Chelem, and Chuburna
  • La Paz
  • San Jose del Cabo
  • Cabo San Lucas
  • Loreto
  • Huatulco
  • Puerto Escondido
  • Oaxaca
  • Playa del Carmen
  • Cancun
  • Isla Mujeres
  • Mazatlán
  • Queretaro
  • Puebla
  • Atlixco
  • Morelia
  • Patzcuaro
  • Valle de Bravo
  • Zihuatanejo
  • Ixtapa
  • Manzanillo
  • Campeche

With a private relocation tour, you can customize it to YOUR needs. You won’t have to worry about hiring a driver, renting a car, or figuring out where to go. You tell your tour guide what you would like to accomplish on your tour and have them worry about the rest.

If you want to see different rentals, they can arrange that. If you want to see mercados, tianguis, malls, and local shopping, they can arrange that. If you want to know what life is like for a local, they can share their experience with you while you get to enjoy the scenery around you.

They can even help schedule a doctor’s visit while you’re in town.

To access our recommended private relocation tour guides around Mexico, you must purchase our Complete Mexico Relocation Guide.

And you get much more than our list of recommended private relocation tour guides. You also get access to

  • Our trusted realtors around Mexico
  • Our recommended rental contacts
  • Our recommended immigration facilitators
  • Our list of vetted real estate attorneys
  • Our recommended healthcare contacts that will take Medicare in Mexico
  • Our tips and best practices include bringing pets, household goods, the best beaches and highlands to live in, Mexican customs and traditions, and what mistakes you can avoid.
  • Recommended pet transport services
  • Moving companies and rough costs
  • All of our contacts include car brokers and facilitators, healthcare insurance contacts, professional contacts, and professional contacts and so much more!
  • It’s a complete guide to help you move to Mexico the right way!

Many people I know are able to retire sooner, have better access to healthcare, and have even become healthier since moving to Mexico. My goal is to show YOU how your life can be better in Mexico!

Because we only get one life. Why not have a better life for less?

Mariana Lange

Mariana Lima-Lange was born in Mexico and immigrated to the U.S. when she was a child. She spent every summer visiting family throughout Mexico and is very knowledgeable about Mexican culture, lifestyle, and traditions. She is fluent in both Spanish and English.

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  1. Greta Probitsky says

    I am interested in a group tour in SMA Have been there before and love it. Will be in SMA again March 1 2023- May 31 2023. Thinking about relocating to SMA . Thank you.

    • Mariana Lange says

      Hi Greta!
      We only offer private tours. We don’t offer group tours unless the group is all in your family.

      Find out more info on our page

      • Greta probitsky says

        Email showed a group of people dining and listening to lectures. R they individual people who met on your private tours. Would like to speak with u. Mayb I have your phone number

        • Mariana Lange says

          Yes, those pictures are from either private tours or a group tour we did in November. Sorry, I don’t offer phone support to non-paying customers due to the volume of calls and emails I get daily. Thanks for understanding
          if you’d like to learn more about our private relocation tours please go to this page

          • Greta probitsky says

            Would u please contact me if u r doing a group tour. As I mentioned to you, I will be in SMA on March 1 to May31. I am going to Portugal on Dec1 to Feb 27. So if u r having a tour in Sep Oct or Nov I could come to SMA. Thsnk u

          • Mariana Lange says

            Hi Greta
            We are not doing any group tours in the future. Sorry
            We ONLY offer private relocation tours.

  2. Jonnie Bacher says

    How much per person per relocation tour? In USD.

    • Mariana Lange says

      Hi! Usually It’s $200-$300 a day for up to 2 people

      However, depending on the itinerary it could be a little less or a little more

  3. Fred Passin says

    I am really impressed by all the knowledge about living in Mexico. I will b taking advantage of all u can help me with when I am ready to make the move. Fred Passin.

  4. Fred Passin says

    I am really impressed by all the knowledge about living in Mexico. I will b taking advantage of all u can help me with when I am ready to make the move. Passin.

  5. Fred Passin says

    I am really impressed by all the knowledge about living in Mexico. I will b taking advantage of all u can help me with when I am ready to make the move.

    • Mariana Lange says

      Wonderful! We’ll be ready to help you

  6. Doris C nierengarten says


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